Well it is 95 d…

Well it is 95 degrees out right now at 4 p.m.  Got a little prep work done today with scraping and caulking.  Hint:  If the caulk is stiff and hard to squeeze out of the tube, just throw it away, it isn’t worth the effort.  We bought 3 cases of caulk a couple of years ago, and though they have not been opened, they tend to dry out in the tube.  Also be prepared with a wet cloth to wipe up any excess.  Most of the excess ends up on my face or hair or clothes.  I really get into my job.  My house faces South so it get the full sun most of the day.  Our weather is hot and dry, but 95 degrees is still 95 degrees.  I hope to go back out there in a couple of hours and at least get some of the primer painted.

I am using Premium Kilz, it is the best thing on the market, and believe me I have tried many different kinds.  It is soap and water clean-up off the brushes, but I just suggest that you purchase brushes that you will just use a couple of times and toss.  The Premium Kilz really sticks to things including your skin.  But it is so worth it.  The Dream House does not hope paint well on the wood surfaces and that is the only thing that lasts.  It will cost you a little more but its well worth it.

Still need to load some more pictures in from the beginning.

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