Weekend work on the dream house

Well, this post was a do-over.  I thought I already did this but now I can’t find the post.  I even downloaded some photos.  So here we go again.  Can you feel I am a frustrated blogger.  Ugh.

Well today, I masked off the area of the porch eaves and area I will be putting primer on.  Began at 9:00 but had to end at noon at it was getting too hot.  The heat doesn’t bode well with paint.  Time consuming work, but a reward when you see the finished product.  There are some posts on the porch that have to be removed and repaired, so if you see those, know that they will be taken care of.  We bought those at Lowes and the glue didn’t hold up.  I personally primed and painted the posts before putting them up.  But our hot dry heat in the summer reeked havoc with them.  I am sure they were imported from China and were assembled with inferior glue.  They were also hollow.  We are taking them apart and cleaning them up and putting a solid core in the middle.  We really can’t afford the price of new posts.  Stay tuned for this little journey.  I did find some photos from when we started the house.  I will scan those in the next coming weeks and post them.

Annie the reluctant carpenter/painter

It’s a good thing I paint better than I blog.  I’ve lost my darn pictures.  I uploaded 4.  Ugh.