1996 Reflections

Okay this is where I left off. 

We had the stem walls poured in July of 1995.  But we didn’t get started on the floor that year.  Then in February 1996 we had a large snow fall followed by Chinook winds which began on Tuesday evening and by Wednesday morning the water was at the top of the levee  and threatening to go over.  About 10 a.m. that morning the levee did actually break.

We managed to get the dogs to safety, but the horses and sheep were left to weather the deluge of water.

The water covered all 7 acres but did not rise high enough to get into our small home we were living in.  Unfortunately, it took down all our fences and left a slury of mud when it subsided 3 days later.  We were all evacuated to the Hardware store we owned on Main Street.

When it was all said and done, we actually had a cement pond.  The water went through the crawl space vents I told you about earlier.  And it took several days for the water to subside and pert through the soil.  During the nights it would freeze and in the daytime thaw enough that the sheep would get stuck in the mud.  There were some arial shots in the paper, that showed the outline of our foundation filled with water.

So our immediate focus was diverted from the building of the dream home to securing the animals and recovering from the flood.  Basically 1996 was a lost year on the home.

More detail on the remainder of 1996 in my next post.

Annie, the reluctant carpenter