Somewhat productive weekend

Well yesterday I did about 2 hours of painting as we had to go into town for groceries and didn’t want to be gone in the late after noon because the weather has been so hot we wanted to be home to let the dog in, out of the 90+ degree heat.  Finished priming a section.

Today, got out and put the first coat of the white trim.  Helped Lynn put up a few more pieces of siding.  I’m catching up to him.  The heat got to him and had to go inside.  I continued to paint until about 2:45 when the heat started getting to me.  I have all this energy and want to get this done.  Patience is not working for me right now.  Can’t paint in the high heat as the paint does not spreed well.  Will post more photos next week when I get more done.

Ran into a yellow jacket nest.  That tended to slow me down a bit.  Had to bring out the bee spray.  Sorry all you bee lovers, but I just don’t like to be buzzed or stung.  They were given an eviction notice.

Now I guess I need to get some of my domestic duties done.  Like playing the sock fairy and finishing the laundry.  Do some vacuuming (that doesn’t look right)  and plan dinner.  Back to work tomorrow and the house will be on hold for another week.  Ugh.

I love my job but need to spend more time on getting the house done.  Maybe take some time off in the next couple of weeks.  Got to burn some vacation time before the end of the year.

Annie the hot hot painter.