Productive Weekend, just didn’t last long enough

Okay now I inserted the photos before I wrote the blog then found I couldn’t find where to put the blog stuff.  We will see how this works.

Spent yesterday priming some of the siding and then we had to go to town for grocery shopping so I didn’t get as much time in as I wanted.

Today I got up early and got an early start.  Did some more priming and then I did some caulking of the siding and got distracted with the posts.  Porch posts, not blog posts.  I loaded some photos of the posts and what kind of condition they are in.  At first we thought they would be throwaways, but have since revamped that decision.  Posts are really expensive and we have 10 to buy or in this case fix and repair.

Did I mention this is a pay-as-you-go project.  We don’t have the money for 10 new posts, especially Victorian turned posts.  We bought these for $100 a peace at Lowes and they were pre-primed and looked beautiful.  I thought we had gotten a real deal.  I guess you get what you pay for.  Anyway, I put 2 coats of good white semi-gloss acrylic latex paint on them before they were ever installed.  They went through one year before they started pealing and splitting.  The wood must not have been kiln dried and the glue joints began to split.  Cheap glue.  We tried gluing them and clamping them together but the weight of the roof and the bow of the posts didn’t cooperate.

At that point we decided we would just throw them away and go for something more sturdy and not as fancy.  We were priced out of the market of fancy.  So we went and bought ten (10) 4X6 pressure treated posts to replace these posts.  So about a month ago we removed one post and set in the pressure treated post to see how we were going to make these work.

Upon inspection of the removed post, Lynn, my loving husband, devised a plan to repair and make a stronger post.  Well, he began by cutting some 2X4’s down and we have to glue two of the cut pieces together to get the center dimension of  2 3/4″ square.  Upon that square we will glue the 4 sides together.  The 2×4 are kiln dried, straight, and we will end up with a solid 6″ spare Victorian Post.  Oh, I am soooo excited.  We dry-fitted them and it is going to be wonderful.

I have provided pictures of our work table with the first post on it dismantled.  All the C clamps are holding the 2 3/4 square innards of the posts.  I did some scrapping of the old paint but still have more to do along with sanding and prepping for the new finish.

Note:  we did research to see which glue would be the best and most durable to use as these will get lots of weather and we only want to do this once.  We settled on PVA Elmers Type 1.

Note:  we will be priming the post with Kilz Premium Primer.  That is the best.  Stay tuned in the next couple of weeks I should have a finished post.  Lynn thinks that we should not just paint it white but to add some embellishments with some contrasting paints we are using on the house.  Now I get to let my creative juices flow.  The right-brain stuff comes out once in a while.

Second thing that is really exciting is that we will be renting a lift and completing the upper front of the house.  We have one reserved for September and I think between Lynn and I we should be able to make some progress.  Not thrilled about heights, so I guess I will just have to cowboy-up, so to speak.  Going to take some much needed time off from work.  A real working vacation.

Stay tuned for that as we will be installing beautiful stain glass windows in the gables.  A local artist made those for me.  She did an absolutely beautiful job and I am so excited to get them in.  Right now they are in our guest bedroom.  Also, we will be putting up more of the acorn shake shingles, all hand cut and painted, before installing.  It is finally coming together.

Maybe we can get it done for the 20th anniversary of when we broke ground on 9/25/94.  Keep your fingers crossed and remember us in your prayers.

Annie the excited carpenter/painter/sock fairy.


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