Full speed ahead

Well yesterday (Friday) I went to Sun Rental in Walla Walla and reserved a boom lift.  We will pick it up on Monday morning.  Then the real work begins.  Lynn is excited, I just hope his body keeps up with his mind.  Sometimes the pain coupled with the heat does him in.  He will be 73 this year.  This is the first time I have seen him excited about working on the house.  I think he has just been overwhelmed.  This is a project that we started when he was younger and in good health.  He has a pretty big ego, and doesn’t like me having to do all the work.

Today we worked on the ‘test post’ we are repairing.  All 4 sides are together and tomorrow we will take the clamps off and begin the cosmetic work.  The core will be much stronger, but the wood has warped and bowed so that is where the Bondo (filler) will come in.  I have the sandpaper and palm sander and primer and all the other stuff I think I will need ready.  I have used Bondo before and it works much better than wood putty if you are not staining the end product.  It holds up well in cars doesn’t it?

Tonight our task is to spray the bees that are living in two of the posts that are still holding the porch up.  Then tomorrow we can get ready to take out another post.  Mainly, I need to paint close to the posts and I don’t want to get stung.  The bees were a mite angry earlier when I was out there.  The weather 94+ degrees ran me indoors.  The heat doesn’t usually bother me, but without a breeze it is full sun exposure on the front of the house where we are working.

Tomorrow’s plan is to get out there early and wash, caulk, prime and paint some more on the wrap-around porch.  Then when the weather gets too hot, I will move inside and work on the post.  Could work on the back deck as it is shaded in the afternoons, but I want to complete one task before moving to another.  Hopping from one project to another makes me crazy.  I plan to take some ‘before pictures’ and ‘after pictures’ this week.  Oh, did I mention that I would be off work all this week on a working vacation.  Got to get the front of the house completed this year before winter sets in.  Not much for working in the cold.  I am truly solar-powered.

Monday, the plan is to get the lift home and let the boss monkey around in it.  Anything mechanical he loves.  I think that is why he is excited about working on the house again.  Whatever works!!

Oh, a minor detail, we both started dieting this week, and I’m taking the week off, and we are working on the house “together.”  I imagine the fur will be flying by Friday.  We don’t always play well together.  Especially, without chocolate and junk food.  Short tempers all around.  Should be interesting.

Stay tuned, I intend to blog daily with our trials and tribulations.

Annie the master painted and minor blogger 🙂