4th Day of Vacation

2005 house is wrapped and roof is on
  • Woke this morning to 40 degree temperatures. But the forecast was to be in the 70’s and 80’s, so I was hopeful.
  • Began by painting the finish coat of white on the post. Let a side dry then turn, paint another side and then dry, until finished. I used Kilz Premium Primer. Nothing on the market to match it from everything I have tried. Then the finished white coat was from Behr exterior acrylic semi-gloss w/o the primer from Home Depot. While waiting for the post to dry, I painted some of the trim pieces that will go around the windows and trim the gable. This is Hardie Board Siding. It appears to hold paint pretty well, but have found that if you use a cheap primer, even though it is supposed to be primed when you get it, the paint won’t stand up. So again I used Kilz Primer, then the Behr semi-gloss exterior finish coat. Maybe you are wondering why I am using semi-gloss and not flat exterior? We have a lot of dust from the wheat fields and it is much easier to keep clean.  This is just trial and error on my part. 
  • Lynn was checking out the lift and loading tools and extension cords, air hoses and miscellaneous other things on it.  Then he took the maiden voyage, so to speak.  He really had to get his sea legs on this one.  It was a little scarey for him and he isn’t afraid of heights.  He said at least it gets you up there.  But he tired out right away.  So by 1:00 he was done.
  • I played gopher for him and ran to get things he needed and put 2×4’s out the window to him so I was at least a little help, plus I got my exercise running up and down the stairs.  I did get out of my comfort zone when I had to get up in the attic rafters to drill holes in the upper dormer windows.  They were already framed in but needed to be cut out.  So the pilot holes are done and tomorrow or Thursday we will be putting in at lest one of the windows.
  • Tomorrow the plan is to put up the green soffit and some of the white trim I painted, after we put up the tar paper or house wrap.  Maybe then I can see some progress and I won’t get so discouraged.  Everything just takes sooooo long.  Now you know why 15+ years.  Moving at a snails pace.
  • Back to the posts.  I finished the white and started adding the colors.  Not happy at all with the results.  Don’t have a steady hand to put on the colors so I have to research how to get those lines crisp and straight, because how I did it today won’t do.  So I will not be posting a finish photo of the post, but I will post some of the steps I have taken to this point.  When I finish this blog, I will be heading to u-tube for some instructions.  I have the blue painters tape, but not sure that I got the right one.  They advertise it on the tv all the time but there are 4 or 5 kinds, and I’m sure I don’t have the right one.  Maybe u-tube will educate me on that subject or maybe a website for the blue painters tape.  Researching more tonight.
  • Now for some photos.


East Gable, the one we are working on now

A little wobbly

Ready for Bondo

Another view

Moved to the back deck for Bondo

Primer is on

View from the back deck

Working the controls

A little wobbly