5th Day of Vacation, Moving along at a snails pace. But Moving

It was 35 degrees on the back porch. Oh man, winter’s going to be here before you know it. Though it got in the 80’s this afternoon.  Got a late start on this project, but it is what it is. Hope to at least get the front of the house sided before we have to return the lift. My vacation ends Sunday, but may have to take another week off this month, we will see how things are at work.

Bonus, Lynn is pushing himself and I think getting stronger without him even realizing it. I think he kinda likes riding in the bucket lift. Keeps figuring out how to make it do different things.  Still runs out of steam after a few hours on his feet.  Was going to go back up there this afternoon, but bees were swarming all around so when it gets cooler in the morning he will go up and try to spray some hives while they are cold.  They were pretty angry about the nail gun and the vibration.  Can’t move away from them very fast in a slow moving rig like the lift.

Lynn put up some more soffit (pre-painted) and hopes to get the siding and maybe the window in.  That is what we are shooting for anyway.  I am excited for Sallie to see the windows up.  They are stain glass and are beautiful.  Sallie made them for me and I will talk more about that tomorrow.

I worked on painting the front porch (one more bay done & one to go).  Also working on the porch post.  Thought I would have it finished today to put it up, but the red is going to need one more coat.  I did research on u-tube and think I have it figured out.  While taping the post and painting the red (just one of the colors) I thought Red, White and Blue would have been pretty cool colors to have, but alas I have to go with the color scheme I picked out.  The colors I have selected are:  Cream Yellow, White, Sage Green and little bit of Red here and there.  The Garage has Red Doors but I am thinking I may change that next year.  Won’t get to it this year.

This will be a short update and hopefully tomorrow I will have some more photos.

Annie, Post painter and novice blogger