It’s Back. Gearing up for a busy day tomorrow

Well, we got the lift back about noon today. Just delayed my working vacation for a week. I will be taking  M,T,W & F off next week. Got to go in to work for a potluck on Thursday. You don’t expect me to miss food, I need my strength to keep going. Besides I will be celebrating my friend Mary.

Plans for tomorrow:  Grocery shopping is first on the agenda, then when we get home, Lynn will probably be too tired to work, but I’ll just be catching my second wind.

I plan to finish painting the garage door.  Work on the post, if I can’t get up in the lift.  If the weather allows it, I may try to get some high-up painting done.  We will see how it goes.  Too many things need to be done, but the priority will be on getting the front of the house done to keep the foul winter weather at bay.

I will up date the blog as much as I can in the evening.  Wouldn’t want you to forget about me.  I may even get a picture of me in the lift, I just can’t look down, and the wind has to be calm.

The nasty part of this week is all the wildfires in the State of Washington.  We have smoke, ash and dust so thick that the sun is almost obscured, and not good for breathing.  They are predicting 20% chance of lightning storms this weekend.  What we need is rain.  It would slow down my work, but it would settle some of the dust and smoke in the air, plus assist in fighting the fires.  Well, I will do my happy little rain dance tonight and maybe that will help.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will keep y’all up dated.

Annie, the excited little worker bee.