Back on the working vacation, wahoo

Think polyester. I think everyone has some polyester clothes that they absolute hate. Well, I have found a good use for my polyester clothes. Use them to paint in. You just don’t care how much paint to get on them. As a matter of fact they look better with paint all over them. So I put on my best poly and set out to make them look great. What a palate for all the different colors. When the house, garage and shop are done, I will celebrate by burning them in the fire pit out back.

Well today started slow as I thought it would.  I went out first thing in the morning at 8:00 and painted the white trim around the garage door which took an hour.  By that time Lynn had his coffee and was ready to go.  So we to Walla Walla for groceries, making several stops and having lunch in the park.

Home around 1:00, the groceries are unloaded and I am back in my best poly.  We have to re-position the lift and I am on my maiden voyage in the lift.  I had Lynn take some photos as proof that I really did go up there.  You know it was a little wobbly, but when I got my sea legs, I was good.  I began to put on the Kilz Primer on the weathered boards and siding.  I used a brush and roller.  It sucked the paint up like a sponge.  As a matter of fact, I will probably have to use two coats of primer on some of the weathered boards.  The photos show where I was at about 3:00, well I went back out and painted for another 2 1/2 hours and got more primed, but still have more primer to do.  Luckily, we didn’t have any wind or thunderstorms which were a possibility.

You are probably asking, why didn’t I rent a sprayer and do it the easy way?  It would have been faster and easier, I am sure.  And, I have tried sprayers before, as a matter of fact we had one in the hardware store that we rented out.  The problem that I always had was they would get plugged up, or wouldn’t spray enough or would spray too much.  I just don’t have the patience to mess with it.  So I do it the old fashion way.

Tomorrow I will be back up there first thing, as Lynn isn’t ready to use the lift again.  His legs have been giving him a lot of pain.  He will be doing other things like mowing and changing the sprinklers, and giving the horse, April, carrots.  On occasion, he will stop and give me some pointers or words of encouragement.  If I get an early start, I may get around to putting on the main coat.  I tend to work slow and deliberate.  Not very speedy.

Now for the pictures.

Annie, the happy little painter 🙂

Annie flying solo

Moving the lift into place

Get familiar with the up and down buttons

Two more hours of daylight, and the hard part is behind me

Annie’s new toy. Photo taken from the front porch of the house.