Another Monday out of the way.

Put in a full day. Finished putting 2 coats of Cream paint on the shop. Then trimmed the white and put a final coat of white on the garage door. A full day. Not sure what I will start on tomorrow. Need to migrate to the front of the house again, but the weather side of the shop also needs attention. I guess I will wait until tomorrow morning and see what feels right.

I have also been working on the post, will probably do a little more on that in the morning.

Lynn still isn’t feeling up to par, so I am thinking about seeing if he will walk me through the front.  I know that I can do it.  I did put the cedar shakes on the garage, so I think I would be able to handle the front.  We will see.

Too tired to write much tonight, but I did take a couple of pictures.

Going to spend some time proofing the book I have and then some quality time in front of Dancing With the Stars tonight with my hubby.

More photos to come tomorrow.  Maybe.

Annie, novice painter and Master and Controller

The front is done. Yea, can mark that of the to-do list.

Removing the blue tape. The way I use it, I need to by stock in the company.

Nice door, now about the rest of the garage. Just need to turn away, that isn’t happening this year!!

of the Lift.