Grounded, for the day anyway.

I spent the day working on the post. I have been the “Bondo Queen”. Still not satisfied with the results. Two sides done and two to go. Almost there. Should get it painted tomorrow.

Lynn took over control of the lift today. He actually spent more time in it than I thought he would. He was actually living up to his monicker of ‘ole snap & snarl’. He was one cranky guy this morning. I didn’t even want to be around him. But he eventually came out of it.

He spent about 3 hours working on the right gable. He hopes to finish the trim work tomorrow and then we will start adding the shakes. Maybe have it done by this weekend. One can only hope.  He doesn’t trust me to do it. I think my expertise is in the ‘post area.’ Too many angles on the trim work.  I spend the day cutting pieces and running up and down the stairs handing pieces of trim out the window to ‘Snap.’  Oh, and mind reading.  That was what Lynn expected me to do.  Kinda good at it after 24 years, but not perfect yet!!!

I sure hope Lynn feels up to working on it tomorrow. I have to go to work on Thursday and then will be off for 3 more days.

A fairly productive day.  Now for some proofing and new shows to watch with the hubby.  🙂

Annie, the Bondo Queen

The right side of the gable with some of the trim.

Two more sides to go

More work on the post