Faced my fears and lived.

Okay, today we got some stuff done.

After yesterday, I didn’t hold much hope that I could get Lynn out there again today. Fooled me. After seeing how good it looked yesterday he was excited about going out there to finish up the trim. He thought it would take about 4 hours and he didn’t even stop for lunch. He said if he stopped he may not want to go back out. What a guy 🙂

I started out sanding and sanding some more on the post and had it ready to paint about 10:30. Put on one coat of primer and waited for that to dry, then two coats of Behr White Semi Gloss Exterior Paint. Letting it dry between coats. Now the post will rest for a couple of days before I can tape and paint the rings. Then on to the 3rd post.

Things went smoother for Lynn as he learned better ways to do things.

I wanted to help, so after he put his time in on the lift, I went back out and tried to face my fears of heights by walking around on the porch roof, hanging onto the lift, of course. That was tough, but I did it a little bit. Put up some of the tar paper, but when I ran out, I couldn’t make myself go back up there. I will try it again later, you can bet your britches on it.

With the day ending, I had some Domestic Diva stuff to do.  My friend Mary has a Birthday tomorrow, and she looooves to celebrate her Birthday.  I made my famous cheese-ball, past down through the family.  I will share the recipe with you at the end.  Then I made German Chocolate Brownies.  Her request.  Tomorrow we will feast.  Guess what I am at the end.

Annie’s Cheese Ball – only 5 ingredients (double batch)

2 – pkgs cream cheese (not low fat)

2 – Tbls dehydrated onions

1 1/2 – tsp. garlic salt

1 – pkg (sm) Budding wafer meats (torn in small pieces) (I use chicken)

2 – Tbls Pace Picante Sauce (secret ingredient – I like medium)

Remove your rings.  Put all the above ingredients in a medium mixing bowl so you will have room to get your hands in there and smoosh it altogether.  There really isn’t any other way to get it done so it is blended well.  It will be tackie so just form it into a ball and put in the frig to firm up.  Before serving I roll it in pecan chips, but you can roll in sunflower seeds or parsley if there are pickie eaters who don’t like nuts.

I make sure I bring crackers to serve with it.  I like Wheat Thins and/or Triskets.  I make sure the crackers are plain, as you want to taste the subtle flavors of the cheese ball.

Annie, The Fearless Domestic Diva

Ready for the shakes. I’m loving it.

Some day it will be done.