Shaking things up a bit.

Well Lynn and I were moving a wee bit slow this morning.  Dilly dallied around and didn’t make it out there until about 9:00.  Lynn was exhausted when he work up, but went out anyway and started putting up some of the trim.  Before you know it the siren goes off signaling lunch time.  Oh, for those that don’t live in a small town with a volunteer fire department, maybe an air-raid siren going off, would give you pause.  Well, this little burg has a fire siren that goes off every day at noon.  The siren also goes off at other times summoning the volunteer fire department for fires or accidents.  It is really comforting to know that the volunteer fire department is on hand for these emergencies.  It is truly giving yourself to your community and your way of life.  God Bless all our volunteer firefighters and EMT.  Can’t say enough good about them all.

My job today was to tape and paint the colors on the post.  That was slow and tedious and tomorrow we will put it up and take another one down.

Lynn went back up in the lift after lunch, which I know took all he had, but he wants to make some progress before we take the lift back.  He started adding the shake shingles.  First he puts up the straight pieces then overlaps the cut pieces.  Unfortunately, we ran short on the straight pieces so that hampered our best intentions.  Off to Home Depot or Pro Build tomorrow to see if we can get another bundle or two.  Then Lynn will cut them to the right width and I will prime with Kilz Premium Exterior Primer, of course.  You would think I got paid for plugging their product, but that is not the case, I just want others to learn from my mistakes. Then two coats of Sage Green Behr Acrylic Exterior Semi-Gloss paint.  A little detail you don’t see looking straight on, is that each one of the shakes has a red detail on the acorn cut-out that can be seen from the ground.  (On the thick bottom of the shake).  So it will probably be Sunday before that dormer is finished.

While he was doing that I applied several coats of the decorative paint to the post and primed and caulked more on the porch side of the house.  The kitchen side to be more specific.  It looks awful, but that will change in the next week or so.

Tomorrow is a shopping day, so Lynn probably will not be working on the house.  Have to make my list.  Another gallon of primer; cedar shakes; 2″ blue painters tape; a couple more brushes; a new 2″ putty knife; and a Strawberry Cheesequake Blizzard.  Now, how did that get in there?

We have been doing the diet thing, but I promise myself a Blizzard once a month.  Gotta have something to look forward too.

A couple of photos of our progress.  Just 2 more weeks of the lift.  Will we meet our goal?  Stay tuned.

Annie, the Palm Sanding Wizzard.

The shakes are going up

Unpainted shakes on the garage. Put up about 10 years ago.

2nd post done. Will take the tape off tomorrow.