Winter’s coming, time to shut down

Well, it’s raining outside and the wind is blowing and expected to be the same tomorrow and Sunday so that pretty much shuts down our home project for a little bit.

I have to give it to Lynn, he has tried to put a little work into it this past week.  He put up some of the soffit and fascia in the other gable.  I know he wanted to get finish putting up the shakes in the east gable, but not sure if that will happen before Sun Rental comes and gets the lift on Monday.  Can’t go up in the lift when there is any wind and we are expecting 15-30 mph winds this weekend.

I am happy about how much we have accomplished in this last 5 weeks.  Would have liked to have done more, but we will get some little jobs done this winter and I will post our progress.

Pictures will be posted tomorrow if the rain lets up enough for me to venture out.

It has been fun to do this blog and I plan on reflecting some during the next few months.  I think I ended with 1998 but remembered some stuff I missed so I will try to get that in there too.  So stay tuned.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Annie, the hybernating novice carpenter


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