Practicing for Spring

Sadie and I November 2011
Sadie and I November 2011
Just a little more and the dormer is finished
Just a little more and the dormer is finished


Scenery going toward Walla Walla.  Taken about 2005
Scenery going toward Walla Walla. Taken about 2005

Good Afternoon,

Well, I haven’t been working on this blog in awhile, doing research on my second blog  I am doing research for a book I want to write.  Having never wrote a book before, is a bit of a challenge.  Blogging is my practice medium, so to speak.

Yesterday, the hubby and I went to the TriCities to a home and garden show at the Trac.  It was a lot of fun and made me enthusiastic about the work we are planning in the spring.  The weather is still too cold for working outside or in the house as we have no heat, so I have to settle for planning.  We spoke with a geothermal heating contractor and we will be sending them the plans on our house to see what the cost would be to go that direction.  I would love to have radiant heat in the down stairs, but that may be a little more than our budget can handle.  I would like to get some feedback on anyone’s recommendation positive or negative to geothermal.  We are looking at possibly digging down 8 feet rather than using a well, as our well is only about 55-60 feet.  Unfortunately at 8 feet we will probably be in river rock, and we have a high water table.  Maybe we could only go down 5 feet.  24″ is the frost line.

We also spoke with an insulation contractor and I would like to have some of the foam insulation installed especially in the vaulted ceilings.  He spoke about putting in 2 inches against the outside walls then traditional R19 fiberglass batting  on top of that.  Hadn’t thought of that before.  I would like to hear any feedback from people that have used foam insulation.

Of course there was the landscaping.  It was to die for.  I want a beautiful lawn with all kinds of flowers.  So of the examples they had with water features and sunken fire pits were wonderful.  They had stamped concrete features that were out of this world, and out of my price range.  Oh, to win the lottery!!  Hmm, I guess I would have to play to win.

We also saw some iron work gates and balustrades, which we could use on our front porch in a white finish between the posts.  Remember my posts?  Well it is hard enough to keep them painted and looking nice on the weather side (front) of the house, these ornate iron balustrades just might be the ticket.  I’m sure they wouldn’t be cheap, but may be worth the extra cost, but that way down the road.  Just dreaming 🙂

Lynn has been cutting some more of the shake shingles for our other dormer.  Cutting and sanding, then when the weather is above 50 degrees I will begin painting again.  I would really like to get this house done so we could actually live in it.

Then there is all the clean-up on the yard in the house we are living in.  The winter winds have brought down some limbs and trimming the old trees in the orchard, plus cleaning out the flower beds.  Ugh, I am tired just thinking about it.  “I’ll think about that tomorrow”, as Scarlet would say.

But to be truthful, I am excited for the spring weather.  My favorite time of the year.

Take care and I will blog more later

Annie, the reluctant carpenter