Happy Memorial Day Weekend – Now for shopping

It is Sunday and tomorrow is Memorial Day.  On this Memorial Day my thoughts are out there for all those that served in the military so that we could enjoy our holidays and this Country of Freedom.  My thoughts are also on all those that are away from their families in a foreign country fighting for injustice around the world.  May God go with you all.

Maybe we will get the chance to BBQ out tomorrow, if I can tear myself away from working on the porch.  We did a little shopping just so I wouldn’t run out of things to do.  Hehe.

Spent a couple of hours in Home Depot.  I will post a picture of Lynn’s cart and My cart.  We got 10 bags of cement for our footings and we no sooner got them home and transferred them to a cart, and two bags busted.  Of course it has been sprinkling out and so I had the foresight to also buy a tarp.  So now they are sitting on a cart, covered with a tarp, until I can get the wholes dug.  That would be my job.  And a mighty tough job it will be as that ground is pretty dry and hard.  so I guess I will be putting some water to it.  Why make it harder than it needs to be, that’s what I always say.

Yesterday, Lynn was out there with the saws-all and took down all the roof rafters and ceiling joists.  He wants to make the ceiling higher than it was so that means the pitch will be a little less, but since I have decided on putting on a tin roof, it will be fine.  We have to compromise on some things, I guess! 🙂

This afternoon, if it doesn’t rain too much, I will start taking off some of the old decking.  Someday it will be all demolished and the building can begin.  I hope that “someday” will be this weekend.

I did get some pictures of my iris’, though not weeded yet this year, they are breathtaking.  I love plants that manage to thrive on neglect.  I did manage to buy a few plants for my planters and flower beds.  Just had to do something I love, working in the flower beds.  Mix a little fun with the work.  Work is Fun, Work is Fun, Work is Fun.  Still not convinced!!

Now, I wish you all a beautiful and relaxing Memorial Day.

Annie, novice porch builder.

Iris' Memorial Day 2013.  In need of weeding.
Iris’ Memorial Day 2013. In need of weeding.
Lynn counting the joist hangers
Lynn counting the joist hangers
Ann's Cart
Ann’s Cart
Lynn's Cart.  Lots of work there.
Lynn’s Cart. Lots of work there.
Blue Iris, Memorial Day 2013
Blue Iris, Memorial Day 2013