Vacation, Anniversary and a little porch work

Took a much needed vacation from work to celebrate our 25th Anniversary and to work on the porch and maybe a little rest.  The weather has been in the 98-100 degree range so that has hampered some of the work on the porch.  I love it, but  Lynn, not so much.  The mere mention of the heat and he is hunting for a cool corner, man cave, with a TV.

What we have done since the last blog post, isn’t much to write about.  We went shopping and got more lumber.  2x6x8 and 2x6x10 for our roof rafters and ceiling joists.  More of those doohickeys that go on top of the posts and joist hangers, and ordered some crown molding that will be used on the trim on the house.  Not able to match the existing trim so we will just have to make due.  Picked out a sagey greenish grey for the trim.  Home Depot called today and said it will not be until Monday, so I won’t get to paint and instal it until a week from Sunday.  Ugh, I hate waiting.

What I did manage to do was put up a trim 2×4 and clean and prime and paint the fascia board underneath.  We also got some aluminum to put under the drip edge to further sheet the water from going down on the crown molding.  The actual trim board around the house is not a good design to keep the water from rotting it.  Living in a very dry climate most of the time tends to help it last longer.  So the aluminum will not be all that great to look at, but it will function better and besides, you really aren’t going to be able to see it that well, and it is only going over the back porch roof.

One of our main goals is to make it functional, nice to look at and keep the critters out.  At one point a few years ago, we had a family of squirrels living in our attic not to mention a very large (vacant) bees hive.  So what we intend to accomplish in the time remaining before the rain and winter weather comes, is to get the roof on and the molding replaced at least on the east side where we get lots of weather.  And call it good.

Lynn is actually incapacitated with his back, so we are basically at a dead stop at this time.  As much as I know about what to do, I don’t have the muscle to do it alone.  I did get some of the hardware on the posts, but we discovered that we actually need to cut a foot off of the posts to make the ceiling  and roof rafters where we want them.  It will still make for a shallow roof incline, but it will shed water and snow.  Also, it needs to be high enough for a ceiling fan, that we plan to put on the porch for ourselves and for Kinzie (our collie) to bask under.  The only thing I can promise is, it will get done before fall.

In the meantime, I get to kick back and read.  I most favorite thing to do.

Annie, the lazy-on-vacation carpenter 🙂

A little of the trim board.
A little of the trim board.
Getting ready for the crown molding
Getting ready for the crown molding
Some post hardware goes on
Some post hardware goes on
Got some tools of the trade.
Got some tools of the trade.

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