A pain-free weekend and the posts are up.

No accidents with the hammer or with the pipe clamp, so things are definitely looking up.  This working on the porch is a young persons job, and I’m not that young.  So needless to say, my back has suffered for the last 2-3 weeks.  Finally, yesterday was pain free, and I totally enjoyed it.  Even Lynn didn’t have much pain yesterday.  Today is a different story for Lynn.  I’m still pain free and I hope it last because I need to catch-up on my walking.  Having to undergo some physical therapy so I have one appointment this week then twice a week after that.  I refuse to wallow in the pain.  There is just too much to  do.  Because it keeps you young if you can keep moving.  At least that’s what works for me.  Plus there are blackberries along the path that need picking.  Then I can make some blackberry cobbler.  Yum. 🙂

Yesterday, we went to Home Depot and picked up the crown molding we will be using on the outside.  It comes in 16′ lengths so we had to take in the flat-bed trailer for that little bitty load.  Felt like we should have loaded it up with more lumber, but I think we have all we will need to complete the job.  Came home and I primed both sides to keep moisture at bay.  They come preprimed, but it is a cheap primer and I want the  paint to stay on and do its job.  The only primer I buy is Kilz Premium Primer.  It costs a little bit more, but is really worth the added expense.  I learned that the had way.   You need a good foundation for the paint.  I’ve tried the paints that have the primer in them, and I am not a big fan of that either.

Today, I put one coat of paint on the crown molding and then Lynn said he needed help repairing another water line in the pasture.  So spent some time digging and repairing the pipe.  It never ends when you have acreages and animals.  We don’t have but 1 horse now and 2 llamas, but will be getting a weanling colt in a couple of weeks so I will need to do some work in the paddock to get it youngster proof, and Lynn has to finish the floor in the horse trailer.

Back to the porch.  Lynn had enough energy to put in the 4 posts and put the headers on top.  He did the cutting and I helped provide the muscle and got to use the handy dandy palm nailer.  I just love that thing.  I got it for him about 6 or 7 years ago for Christmas, but I’m the one that has the most fun with it.  It sure makes the job easier.

The next thing we need to do is start putting up that crown molding and and then the roof joists will go up along with the ceiling joists.  Probably won’t do any more until next weekend.  I’m sure if Lynn feels like it he will be working on his horse trailer this week.  But for now I am a happy camper, cause I’m seeing some progress.  Maybe it will get done yet.

Annie, the feeling good novice carpenter.

Crown Molding, primer and first coat of paint
Crown Molding, primer and first coat of paint
A closer look at the crown molding
A closer look at the crown molding
The posts are up and level for the moment.
The posts are up and level for the moment.
Love the decking.  This ones for you Jodi
Love the decking. This ones for you Jodi

One thought on “A pain-free weekend and the posts are up.

  1. Jodi

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Porch/deck is coming along nicely!! When I buy my new home, guess who will be coming over to tell me what to do and how to fix it…

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