The Weekend Warrior is Back on the Porch, Ye-haw

After a few weeks doing other stuff, I am finally back on the porch.  Time is running out before we start getting the fall rain, so we have to get it done.  Lynn hates working on it, so it is like pulling hen’s teeth to get him to work on it.  He says I am working him to death.  I have resorted to bribery.  He would do most anything for waffles.  Not to be mislead, he has some real health issues, and if all things work out he will be having a pace-maker inserted in in early October.  I hope that makes him feel much better.

Yesterday, we did our grocery shopping.  Creatures of habit, plus the dog and cats needed food.  When we got back home, I did some painting and repairing and putting up tin to repair some of the fascia and made it critter proof.  Didn’t work on it too hard.

Sunday, I got up with a plan.  I was going to get some of the crown molding up and calked and more painting.  Wow, did it turn out good, even if I do have to say so myself.  It’s wonderful when you are able to see the vision in your head actually coming out the way you envisioned it.  Also, lets talk about caulking.  It’s a painter’s best friend and can cover up a multitude of mistakes.  The crown molding went up just how I planned.  Whew, I’m glad it did because I didn’t have a backup plan.

We were able to get 3 roof rafters up (that’s where the bribery came in).  We are putting them up with blocking instead of joist hangers.  Then we will have to do blocking along the end of the rafters too.  The boards are twisting.  We got kiln dried, but they still twisted.  Very frustrating.  It will take clamping and muscles to get them where we want them.

I need Lynn’s help with the nailing because, the darn nail gun weighs a ton.  I wish Bostitch or Porter Cable or Makita would make a nail gun with the power of the big ones, but that a woman could handle.  It is all I can do to take it off and on the porch.  It’s awkward and heavy.  Oh, did I mention, I am the tool packer, I pack to the porch and then pack it back into the house when we are done for the day.  I see that as my contribution and my aerobic workout.  Tonight I added moving about 30 2x6x8’s and 2x6x10’s from the side yard to the back yard.  On my feet for 8 hours straight and I am tuckered out.

Doing this porch has been a challenge from the beginning, but so rewarding to see the fruits of my labors.  I have to keep reminding myself why I am doing this project… and that is the porch was going to fall in on our heads.  Maybe it will last for another 100 years.

Now for the pictures.

Annie, the weekend warrior back at it.

The crown molding's looking good
The crown molding’s looking good
A problem corner, had to do some creative patch work.
A problem corner, had to do some creative patch work.
Crown molding from the distance
Crown molding from the distance
The building inspector, aka Kinzie.
The building inspector, aka Kinzie.
Tools of the trade
Tools of the trade
First Porch rafters.
First Porch rafters.
1 - 2 - 3 roof rafters.  More next week
1 – 2 – 3 roof rafters. More next week

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