The Roof is Going On, Yee-Haw!!!

I haven’t posted on the blog in a few weeks, because I was disheartened with the progress and had my focus on Lynn’s health.  I really felt I was loosing ground, and Lynn’s ego – that he could do it, made for a balancing act for me.  Knowing he was not able and that I just needed to hire someone to finish that part of it was a battle of wills.  If he was in good health, I know that he could do this and much more, but the truth is very hard for him to face at this time.  We have danced around this particular item all spring and summer, until I told him last night that I had hired someone and they would be over at 11:00 a.m. this morning.  Oh, did he balk, but when it came right down to it he relented and was satisfied that he would instruct on how he wanted it done.

I received a call from Lynn about 4 hours later, just amazed that the fascia board was on and the roof was sheeted and the tar paper was on there and ready for the shingles.  He was so excited that so much was done.  The worker had to stop as we didn’t have the shingles yet.  Wahoo, I am a happy girl.

Tomorrow we will go to Home Depot and get the shingles and the step flashing, and he will finish the roof.   Lynn is happy that Kinzie has a dry place to lay.  She loves laying on the back porch in front of the door.  Guarding her people.  If dogs could smile, she was smiling.  And I was doing a happy dance in the back yard.  I will save you the description of that.  Frightening 🙂

This has brought back my enthusiasm for continuing to work on it.  Lynn has the task of doing the wiring and making the gates on the railings.  That may be awhile as he was feeling really bad today.  Had a lot of pain today.  But those are things that I can do.  He seems to be okay with me doing things, with his guidance, of course.

I’m praying for a nice weekend so I can do the clean-up and finish the railings.  I took a few pictures tonight when I got home.  The scaffolding is crooked, so it causes the porch to look off kilter, but I will take better pictures when it is removed.  Use your imagination, it is going to look awesome.

Sheeted & tar papered
Sheeted & tar papered
Kinzie checking our her perch, now she can stay dry
Kinzie checking our her perch, now she can stay dry
From underneath
From underneath

Annie, the happy dancing novice carpenter

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