Cold Weather has come to WA

Ann & Cheyenne 10-06-2013
Ann & Cheyenne 10-06-2013


Kinzie the building inspector, fell asleep on the job.
Kinzie the building inspector, fell asleep on the job.

My fun DIY projects have taken a backseat to maintenance.  DH has not been feeling good and is unable to do all the stuff that needed done outside, so I have been picking up the slack when I’m not at work.

Our temperatures have been in the low 20’s and even some nights in the single digits, not fun.  I don’t like cold weather.

Today’s chores were to get a stock tank heater which meant a trip to town.  L&G Ranch Supply had everything I needed.  This particular tank is between the 2 paddocks where I feed April and Cheyenne.  April is our beautiful paint, but I think she is part pig, as she wants everybody’s food, and she can be a bully.  So I lock her and Cheyenne, our 7 month old weanling, in separate paddocks, otherwise she would be eating Cheyenne’s Junior Feed.

Not having messed with that part of things around here, I had to get Lynn to walk me through it, to make sure I did it right.  The ground is frozen so digging to lay an electrical line is out of the question, and he told me he had a short in the outlets near the tank, so I had to improvise.

Got the heater in the tank, but I had to bust the ice to get it to sink.  That ice was pretty thick for this early in the season, but I got it done.  I can now check that off the list.

Plans for my 4 day Thanksgiving Holiday are to fix a turkey and the trimmings and try to dismantle the bed in the guest room.  We are going to have to get a hospital bed for when Lynn comes home from the hospital in Dec.  Hoping we will just need it for about a month, but that will depend on if he has to have hip surgery or not.  I swanny, ( southern speak for “I swear” with out really swearing,  I think the medical world is slower than government at getting things done.  At least it feels that way when you are the one in pain.

Sorry I haven’t gotten to putting up the last railing on the porch, but I certainly haven’t forgotten.  Might do that on the 4 day weekend too.  Also, have a couple of books to do research on, a quilt to finish, and about 400 books to read, and, of course, all the domestic duties.  Ugh, well, that’s all for now.  Some pictures of our critters, just for the heck of it.

Annie, the novice farmer. 🙂

Buckwheat, one of our llamas
Buckwheat, one of our llamas
Sadie, RIP we lost you about 2 years ago.
Sadie, RIP we lost you about 2 years ago.

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