A Late Start This Spring, But Moving Forward


Well today’s weather was cold and windy.  On these days I tend to hide in the house, but decided I had too much to do to hide away.

Remember my two month project last spring that went on for about 7 months?  The back porch?  Yep that one.  Well I didn’t get it finished then and really didn’t want to work on it this spring either, but I can’t stand to leave things undone.  Didn’t get all the railings on, nor the fan, nor the light, nor the ceiling installed.  Unfortunately, no little sprites or fairies finished it either, this winter, so it is left to Annie the novice carpenter.

Decided to tackle the railings.  Discovered as I was shutting the project down for the winter, that I had made a few mistakes on installing the railing.  Lynn said he would never have noticed if I hadn’t told him.  But I knew, and I couldn’t let it go.  Not that it is perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but didn’t even measure up to my lowly standards.  So I had to take off two of the railings and put them on correctly.

What was the first thing I did, in the first 5 minutes?  Hit my d*** finger with the hammer!!  I hate short nails.  I hit it a good one too.  Said a few words that would have made a sailor blush.  Man, that baby throbs still and it looks like it is going to be black, or have a huge blood blister.  Klutz, that what I am.  Not only should I not play with power tools, I need to stay away from hammers and hammers on ladders.  If it is within 10 feet of me, I will get hurt.  Moving forward.

One of the things I did remember today, after hitting my finger, was the little tricks it took me 7 months to learn last season.  Like pre-drilling, or punching a starter hole with a longer nail.   Better late, than never, as I still have a few digits that are not throbbing.

Didn’t quite get it done still, but should be able to finish up in about an hour tomorrow, then it will be ready for primer and paint.  Maybe pictures tomorrow.

Oh, and by the way, we will be contracting out the rest of the Dream House, and could have it done by Christmas.   I am still overwhelmed with all the decisions I will need to make in the future.  Over the last 15+ years, the decisions didn’t need to be made in a hurry, now that will change.  Wish me luck, and I will keep you updated.

The hammer won.


Well today did not go as planned, but that’s the way it usually goes.  Awoke to rain and wind.  So much for finishing the porch today.  That job will have to be done later this week or next weekend.

So what to do with all my excess energy today.  I have oodles of indoor projects, so it was just a matter of getting to it.

Guest room.  That is a project that I started about a month ago.  Having company in about 2 weeks so that project can’t be put off.  Painting an old chest of drawers that Lynn said he bought 51 years ago.  How does he remember those thing.  It is a kind of blond wood, and not very attractive.  Tried stripping the dresser that went with it and that didn’t go too well, so I have decided to paint it with white paint and re-use the decorative knobs.  First I primed all the drawers and the chest, then I have one of two coats of semi-gloss white.  Looking good.  Will post a photo when I get it finished.  Also, the porch when I get the railings done.

I have curtains to make and hang then that room will be almost done.

The weather here is awful now with 22 mph winds.  The weather station said that this week will be warmer and clear of course during the week when I have to work.  Ugh, that is something of which I can’t control, so I just move ahead.  It all needs doing, so it doesn’t really matter in what order it gets done.

Oh, and the update on my finger.  That baby is red and swollen.  That, I do have a picture of:

Annie, the reluctant carpenter.

Dresser before Drawers primed, and one coat of paint.  Need one more coat.



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