End of Week One – I’m Impressed

This is the first week having the contractor on site.  Amazing what strong healthy people can get accomplished.  Especially when they know what they’re doing.  The front of the house is almost done, and the east side of the house is complete.  I am loving it.  It appears that they will work on the back of the house this week.  S & K Mountain Construction is amazing.

East side of the house.  Kitchen side on 6-22-14
East side of the house. Kitchen side on 6-22-14

Looks like I have a whole lot of painting to do.  That is my job.  Did a little this weekend under the front porch.  More pictures on that later.  Spent yesterday putting a second coat of white under the eves of the front porch.  That is coming along really slow.

Today I spent the morning cleaning up some of the rooms inside, waiting for the sun to move around to the east side of the house.  The contractors has a mess that they came into with the house.  They did an amazing job cleaning it up.  I was just going over some of the rooms that we still had stuff in that needed to be moved to the shop.  We left a mess for them to come into.  But is is coming along better now.

In the afternoon, I taped off some of the eves and put on a coat of primer.  Some of them had actually been primed and painted but the primer didn’t hold up.  That was before I found the Kilz Primer.  I won’t use anything else, now that I have tested it on the posts and on the shop trim.  The placement of our house faces south and that is the extreme weather side.  We get strong winds and rain coming out of the south and it is very hard to get paint to adhere to the wood.  Over the last 25 years I have had the occasion to try many primers and Kilz is the only one that has held up.


Front finished except for the shakes on the gables 6-22-14
Front finished except for the shakes on the gables 6-22-14
Front of the house on 6-22-14
Front of the house on 6-22-14

One of the things I am going to have to work on is the posts.  Remember they have to be taken apart and a solid core put inside and then glued together and sanded, bondo, and more sanding, then priming and painting.  They are very labor intensive, but that is what happens when you think you are getting a bargain and you are just buying something cheaply made.  The glue didn’t hold up and they began coming apart.  That is when we found they were also hollow.  They are much stronger when redone.  That means I have to set up an area where I can work on them.  Which means that I will be venturing into my husband’s man-cave.  But first I need to clear a path, into this sacred space to be able to set up my saw horse table.  Ugh, that will take a weekend in itself.  Stay tuned.


Back of the house.  Will probably be completed this week.
Back of the house. Will probably be completed this week.

I will take some photos of the inside of the house next week.  This way we will have some before and after photos to record this amazing journey.

Annie, the painting wizard.



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