Another Weekend Bites the Dust

Well another week of construction ended Friday, and the weekend flew by.  The weekend was not as productive as the week, so I will take you through the week first.

The construction on the outside concluded on Thursday with just a few more (80) shakes to finish.  Meaning I under estimated and we were short.  Back to the scroll saw and back to painting the shingles.  So I was pretty busy.  I’ll rest in December 😦

Told Gabriel (Construction Foreman) that I would have them done by Monday.  Um, I didn’t quite make it.  I have 70 cut, primed, and one coat of the red trim.  What is left is to finish them is: one more coat of red paint then two coats of the sage green.  Maybe Wednesday

Although the weekend was busy, it was by no means uneventful.  While I was becoming a master scroll sawer, (I know it’s not a real word) Lynn was changing the sprinklers in the front pasture and happened down the drive way in front of the house and noticed a wet spot.  As we have had wind for 2 straight days and no rain since Friday, the driveway was dry except for THAT spot.  That spot was approximately where Lynn had buried the water line to the house about 15 years ago when we began hooking up the water.  Well to make a long story short, I believe that we have a busted water pipe.  So Lynn turned off the water and we will have to speak to the plumber.  Well what can I say, just another thing to deal with.  I’ll rest in December.

Sunday:  Lynn was mowing the grass while I was in the house priming the shakes, when I heard a banging on the porch.  Of course I was plugged into my I-Pod listening to an audio book, totally ignoring my phone and someone was beating on the porch.  Looking out, Lynn was sitting on the edge of the porch, ticked at me because I hadn’t answered my phone.  Not only ticked but had a big cut across the palm of his hand.  He managed to run over the electric cord and had it wound around the blade on the mower and when he tried to take it off he cut his hand.  Could have been a whole lot worse as he is on blood thinner.  So, I then became his nurse and bandaged his palm, kissed the bo-bo and the rest of the weekend went with out a hitch.  At least the last 6 hours.  Oh, and he fixed the extension cord so he could keep the irrigation well running.  That’s my Lynn

Will post more pictures next week.

Meeting with the electrician tomorrow morning for a walk through of the house.  Eye yi yi, I hope Gabriel is in a good mood tomorrow.  🙂

Moving out up!!!

Annie, scroll-saw operator, painter and nurse!