Happy 4th of July Weekend

A three day weekend.  Don’t we all look forward to those?  Well it has been such a long time since I have just done nothing on the weekend.  It appears it will be a little bit longer.  So let me fill you in on how this 3 day weekend progressed.

Friday, a day off, yeah.  Got up late about 7:30 and went grocer shopping.  First things first.  When we came home about noon I went over to get the shakes finished for the house.  Have one more coat of the red around the edges, then two coats of the sage green.  It’s warm but tolerable.  That took most of the day.  70 shakes are done.  I hope that is enough.

Wanted to get to painting the house, but decided to primer some of the railings on the porch of the house we are living in.  It needs to go on the market as soon as possible.  Which means that I need to get the back porch finished.  Just some painting then we need to put the ceiling in.   Geez, no rest this weekend.

Saturday, the 4th of July.  I may be driven to get these things done on my days off, but Lynn is having cabin fever so we need to take some leisure time.  On the three holidays of the summer; Memorial Day; 4th of July; and Labor Day, we like to go to Sumpter Oregon to a city wide yard/flea market.  It is an old mining town about 27 miles from Baker City.  Lynn still isn’t getting around very well and has lots of pain in his back and legs.  But, if nothing else, he gets to go on a road trip.  About 170 miles from home.  Beautiful day, a little warm but not too bad.  Our treasures weren’t much.  I found a foot stool for $20 and we bought a couple of baseball type caps.  Although we did enjoy a very nice early dinner at the Sumpter Junction Restaurant on the way back.

Sunday.  Got up about 7:30 again, turning into a lazy hillbilly sleeping in that late.  It is going to be in the mid 90’s this afternoon, so not a time for working in the heat.  First things first.  Need to get that post in the paddock reset and the gates hung.  That is the post which was knocked over when we had some work done this winter.  We had a busted pvc irrigation pipe break in our pasture in the same hole.  It was attached to that post.  Fixed the pipe earlier in the spring, but hadn’t gotten back to resetting that post.  It’s a large 10 ft. post (railroad tie).  We did get that set, but Lynn just wasn’t doing well so we didn’t get the gates repaired and hung.  Maybe later.

I decided that I needed to get the back yard of the house that we are going to sell trimmed and watered.  It is Kinzie’s playground.  Our beautiful collie.  The back yard has 1 pear (Bartlett); 1 plum; 5 apple trees; and some champagne grapes.  There are also some elderberry plants too.   This year it appears we are going to have a bumper crop of all of them.  Got them sprayed early for the coddling moths which decimates them, so we may actually get to eat some this year.  We also have two very large black walnut trees back there that need trimming.  Have to build up the courage to use the chain saw again.  But at least I can get the clean-up work done, if I take lots of water breaks and not overdo it.

Then there are the domestic duties.  A bit overwhelmed.  But when I see progress it is all worth it.

And I promised some photos of the inside of the house.  It is all skeleton at the moment but that is part of the transformation that I want to show you.  The plumbers were here working this week and have some hot and cold pex type lines coming from underneath.  The electrician was also there and has started roughing in the electrical.  It’s good that they can work inside some this week as the inside of the house is a little cooler than outside and I do have a fan in there for them to use.

The entryway looking in from the front door
The entryway (foyer) looking in from the front door


Looking down the stairs.
Looking down the stairs.
The kitchen and dining room and the pantry
The kitchen and dining room and the pantry

Annie, Playing the back yard.