Busy – Productive Weekend

I intended to make this a productive weekend.  Yea!! And it was!!  Never get as much done as I want, but that is just my expectations, which don’t always go with my endurance and capabilities.


Got up early and went to Home Depot for siding which will be put on the ceiling of the back porch (in the house we live in) rebuilt last year.  Yep, still haven’t finished that project yet, but I am in the process of remedying that fact.  Lynn cut a whole for the back porch light (that’s progress) I have only been reminding him every weekend for 6 months.  Bought 6 pieces of siding.  One to complete the wall and the other 5 to use for the ceiling.

Bare ceiling.  Going to remedy that.
Bare ceiling. Going to remedy that.

Then we stopped at the Sun Rental Center and rented a sheet-rock lift to help hold up the siding while I nail it on.

First thing was to paint 1 piece of siding white to finish the walls of the back porch.  Then I had to put 2 coats of ceiling paint (kind of a dark greenish gray) on the remaining siding.  Only got 2 of those completed.  After each coat of paint I would do yard work while waiting for them to dry.  Got a lot accomplished.  Exhausted when I finally went inside at 5:30 and made hamburgers for dinner.

Unpainted siding
Unpainted siding


Got up early to go grocery shopping.  While waiting for Lynn to get ready, I was able to put 1 coat on the next piece of siding.  Went shopping, dropped some groceries off at work for lunches next week, got my car washed and finally made it back home.  Quickly put the groceries away, dropped a load in the washer, changed into my painting clothes, and was back at it.  Got the remaining boards painted, again doing yard work while they dried between each coat.  Wow, the yard is actually looking like someone takes a little pride in their home.  I hated all the things left outside when my porch project finished last year.  Due to running out of time and all the back and forth trips to the hospital with Lynn, many things were left unfinished.  But it is looking better now.

Last thing I accomplished this weekend (besides the domestic duties) was to assemble the sheet-rock lift.  The nice guy at the Sun Rental Center showed me how to put the 3 pieces together.  Still had it in my head, so I wanted to get it assembled before I forgot what he showed me.  That little gizmo is heavy and complicated, but I hope it works.

Sheet-rock lift
Sheet-rock lift

What I thought I could accomplish in a weekend, is going to take me a week.  Ugh.

I’ll rest in December 🙂

Annie, the novice ceiling hanger

ps:  More on the dream house later this week.