Sunday – I’ll Rest In December

Spent most of the day pulling weeds and raking and rearranging the building material scraps.  Looks a little better, but I think the solution is to spray and kill all the vegetation.  There isn’t a blade of grass to be found.  Oh, my dreams of a lush green lawn, won’t be coming true this year, but maybe early spring next year.

Thought I would share some more pictures of the inside of the house.  It is still pretty rough, but most of the interior walls are up except the bonus room wall.  The reason that wall isn’t up is because initially we were going to have a vaulted ceiling in the living room.  After getting all the interior walls up Lynn decided that he wanted the bonus room.  It was an option on the plans.  And to be truthful, I really like it.

The eves of the family room
The eves of the family room

This is the eves of the gazebo style ceiling in the family room.  This is a feature I was worried about because there were so many angles.  Lynn said he could do it, and he did most of it and the contractor has finished it.  S & K Mountain Construction is doing a fabulous job.  Gabriel, the foreman, quietly fixes our blunders, and I’m sure there were many.  He actually understands mine and Lynn’s vision of how we want it.  I can’t wait to see it sheet-rocked.  There will be a ceiling fan coming down from the point.

The pantry
The pantry

This is my pantry.  It’s small, but its still a pantry.  Women love pantries, especially this woman.  🙂

The master bath is actually larger than the master bedroom.  Who does that!!!  They are in the process of framing in the closets and water closet.  I will take pictures of it before it is covered.  We did do a bump-out with 3 windows where the hydro-tub will be located.  Nothing fancy, but it is 6 foot and will feel good on these poor-old-aching bones.

07-26-2014  The outside front of the dream house.  Kinzie checking this out
07-26-2014 The outside front of the dream house. Kinzie checking this out

I am really pleased with how the stained glass windows look in the dormers.  My sweet friend Sallie with Artisan Glass did a beautiful job.  The electrician is going to install a small light that will come on in the evening and illuminate them.

More next weekend.  Thank you for reading my blog and sharing in our dream.

Annie, the dreamer