Sheet Rock Ceilings – Looking Good

Though I am but a witness to the sheet rock going up, and not actually having to do it, it is exciting.  This is the time  that things are becoming real.  The rooms are taking shape and it’s all starting to come together.  The ceilings are almost done.  The one ceiling left is the gazebo room, or family room is what I like to call it.  That one being the most difficult is saved for the last.

Gazebo ceiling is the last ceiling to get done.
Gazebo ceiling is the last ceiling to get done.

The living room looks so much bigger than before, I can’t imagine what the walls will do for it.  I guess this would be the time when I should be looking for paint samples.  I will be doing most all the painting as my budget just won’t stretch that far.  Sounds like a winter project to me.  Now for the living room.

Living room ceiling is up
Living room ceiling is up

I am hoping to take the week off and get work done around here.  I can’t believe it is already Sunday.  Where did Saturday go?

Status on the posts.  One is completed and drying.  The other one has one coat of the white, it needs another coat of white then taped-off for the colored stripes.  We will be putting both posts up tomorrow and taking down 2 more to finish.  As soon as those are done, I will begin the painting on the outside of the house until the weather runs me inside or I need to paint the walls before moving.  E-gads, moving, that is another expense that I don’t look forward too.

When you come into the entry way the ceilings are vaulted to about 22 feet and the staircase is the first thing that you see.  Then the living room and there is a small bar that is located under the stairway.  As Lynn and I are not much for drinking, we will probably use it more for a coffee bar.  It has a little sink and a place for drinks to be prepared.  This is what you are seeing in the next photo.  Plus Lynn is doing his inspecting.

Lynn, the inspector, is checking it out.
Lynn, the inspector, is checking it out.

One of the things I am really excited for is the stairs.  There are 3 sections with a 2 small landings, and we added a small balcony that is just above the door.  Spindle rails will go up the side of the staircase and in front on the balcony.  Will post photos when that is done.

Now I need to talk to Gabe to see what comes next after the sheet rock is mudded.  Is it the trim work or the flooring or the painting?

Grassi Refrigeration has installed the two heat pump units.  One for the upstairs and one for the downstairs.  I don’t imagine we will be using the one upstairs very much, just when we have company.  Maybe you are wondering why we are building such a big house for just the 2 of us?  I always wanted a big Victorian house, and when it is done, we can have the kids and grand kids come and visit.  We have been so cramped for space that we had to always bring out the inflatable queen size bed and put it in the living room.

More pictures tomorrow.

Annie, looking for Saturday 😦






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