Painting, Painting, and more Painting with a vanity or two on the side :)

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone.


I have been a little lax in posting on my blog.  Just been a tad busy.  Decided to take the week off from my paying job and do a little work around the new house and help my husband celebrate his birthday.  So now for a status update.

News from the Cabinet Maker, Jerry’s Cabinets, they may begin installing on Monday.  In the meantime during this week, the finish contractors of S & K Mountain Construction have been putting on the window sills, installing doors, jambs, and baseboard.  Its really starting to come together.

I started my vacation out by first trying to assemble a medicine cabinet for the main upstairs bath.  The instructions were kinda good.  Catch that, kinda?  Yes, I read the instructions.  Laid everything out in the beginning including all the numbered pieces of the cabinets and all the alphabetical little parts, like cams and screws which were in these little red plastic packages.  Just to make sure that I had everything that was necessary.  I even had a screwdriver and, of course, the handy dandy flat-tip screwdriver and combo hex key they provided.

This is the medicine cabinet for the main upstairs bath
This is the medicine cabinet for the main upstairs bath

Even laboriously following the instructions, when it was all done, one piece was in backward and the finished edge was facing the wrong way.  Of course it wasn’t the last piece I put together, but the first 2 pieces.  This meant that I just spent 3 hours putting it together and now I had to take it apart.  Ugh,  It only took another 1 & 1/2 hours to do it again.  That was way to hard.  So I promised myself that I would be more careful when I do the vanity tomorrow.  The guys are going to bring it upstairs for me later.  It only weighs 170 lbs.


Hubby’s birthday.  Off to Costco for birthday cake and lunch at Famous Dave’s.  No work on the house today.


Now to tackle the Vanity.  Kind of underwhelmed with the medicine cabinet.  Smaller than I thought it would be.  Moving on.  On the plus side, it at least matched the vanity.

The vanity came in 2 boxes.  The one that is assembled with the under-mount sink and granite top.  That’s why that was so heavy.  The top part didn’t need assembly, but below that required to be put together and attach it to the top.  Remember the fiasco with the medicine cabinet, well I was determined not to go through that again.  Here is a photo of the pieces all nicely laid out:

Instructions and top of the vanity for the upstairs middle bath
Instructions and top of the vanity for the upstairs middle bath

The instructions followed to a tee.  Now I have to go get the dear husband to help me to set it upright.  As I am not strong enough and I don’t want to take a chance of dropping it.

We still don’t have the railings on the stairs yet and it is really difficult for Lynn to get up the stairs but I got him to come up.  It was heavy and really took both of us to pick it up.  I thanked him very kindly, helped him down the stairs and went back to assembling the drawers for the vanity.  That could be done without Lynn’s assistance.  That part was easy as I had put drawers together before.

Drawers all assembled and ready to go into the cabinet.  Guess what?  They don’t fit!!  Not that the drawers are wrong, the 2 center partitions are put in backwards.  Oh damn!!

So I had to go get Lynn and have him climb the steps and help me lay it down and take it apart.  Again it was two of the first pieces I put in so I had to break it all down.  Then when I took it down to the last 2 pieces, the top (the heavy part with the granite and under-mount sink, fell forward with a loud thud).  Sure that I had broken this $500 vanity I was heartbroken.  Plus mumbling some, not-so-nice words.  Lucky, and that’s all it was, kept the top from breaking.

I broke it down and put it back together and Lynn and I lifted it ups.  So here is the photo of the finished vanity:

Completed upstairs vanity
Completed upstairs vanity

The only thing left to do on the vanity is put the back on, but I have left that for the plumbers.

Vanity and medicine cabinet.  The backs have not been put on yet.  I will let the plumbers do that.
Vanity and medicine cabinet. The backs have not been put on yet. I will let the plumbers do that.

Now onto painting.  Something I can’t break.

Thursday – Turkey Day

Worked on the house a little in the morning for about 3 hours, then came in and put a turkey in the oven and made the side dishes.  Just Lynn and I, but I like to cook the turkey and trimmings so we can eat leftovers for the next couple of day.  I also have some soups planned next week to put the turkey to good use.  Can’t let the bird go to waste.  Plus it helps when I get off work.


Back at it.  I have puttied all the holes in the trim upstairs and caulked the two bedrooms and have a primer coat on some of the doors.  It is slow, but I have found a rhythm and it is going to go faster.  The goal for this week is to get all the trim and doors and windows upstairs primed and the final white coat on it.  Hopefully that will be done by the time they come to put the carpet down.

Caulking and painting the window sills and adjusting the windows as these are the double hung ones.  They can be tipped in and cleaned.
Caulking and painting the window sills and adjusting the windows as these are the double hung ones. They can be tipped in and cleaned.
Looking at the front pasture out the upstairs window.
Looking at the front pasture out the upstairs window.

The carpenters are still working on the downstairs, but will probably finish with the trim next week.

A little writing on the side.

Another project that I took on for the month of November was the NaNoWriMo, which is short for National Novel Writing Month.  I have been wanting to write a book and have been dabbling in that for the last 3 years or so, so I decided to get serious.  I have started 2 books (fiction) and they are still in the working stages.  But for this NaNoWriMo I decided that I wanted to memorialize this journey in 15 Years and Counting Dream.  The ups, downs, what worked, what didn’t, and all the stuff in-between.  This is going to be a really rough draft for this month, but hope to revise it when the weather is too cold to do anything else.  The challenge is to write 50,000 words during the month of November.  I am past that number now, and I received an adobe certificate but couldn’t figure out how to upload it so you could see it.

As with a lot of things I try, I don’t succeed the first time.  Well I didn’t this time either, so you will just have to take my word for it right now, until I can converse with the experts at work on how to accomplish this elementary task.

In trying to convert this pdf to a jpeg, I managed to accidentally close my blog and lost about an hours worth of work and had to recreate it.   If I believed in ‘a sign’, I think that I am being told to just give it up for the night and go vegetate in front of the tube, maybe with a hot cup of tea and a warm sweater.

Sounds like a plan.

Annie, the techno challenged, novice vanity builder/aspiring novelist.  🙂

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