Cabinets are Here

Good Evening All,

The cabinets arrived on Monday, just like Jerry’s Cabinets promised.  We opted for a plain raised panel maple cabinet with a clear finish to show off the grain.  We love them.  We also wanted a lighter color as the granite top will be dark so the contrast will be good with a white cast-iron porcelain clad sink.  My old-fashioned touch.

Bottom cabinets were installed on Monday and Tuesday.  Then the cabinet people were side-tracked on another job, but will return tomorrow to begin installing the upper cabinets.

My impression was that the kitchen was small to begin with and I thought that the cabinets would make it look even smaller.  I was pleasantly surprised as it actually looks bigger to me.  We have a peninsula instead of an island as the layout didn’t allow for that.  The peninsula is actually longer than the original plans called for.  I opted for a built-in oven and a cooktop on the peninsula.  Lots of drawers and lazy-susan’s.  There is a breakfast nook on the other side of the peninsula so we didn’t want a breakfast-bar type top.

The granite company will come and measure and make a template next Tuesday, then the tops will be installed on 12/30.  That means that we will not be in before next year.  That is fine with me as I still need to pack.

Here are a few pictures.  Note:  I still need to pick out the pulls.  So back to shopping 🙂  Somebody’s got to do it.


Lynn's Sandwich area
Lynn’s Sandwich area
Lazy Susan w/ doors
Lazy Susan w/ doors
Range-top Peninsula
Range-top Peninsula
Nice shot looking into the kitchen from the breakfast nook
Nice shot looking into the kitchen from the breakfast nook

I know this feels like it is taking a long time, but to me it’s been lightening fast.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I’m afraid that I am looking at the only present I want this year and forever, to just be done with this and retire from the DIY business.  I hope you have enjoyed my little blog as it is about the only thing that keeps me sane.  Well, that might be debatable.

Annie, Maple Cabinet Lover

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