Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Good Afternoon,

I know this is a little late for Christmas, but I still feel it in the air.  Been busy packing and working and painting and caulking… on and on.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas spending time with family and friends.  That makes for a beautiful Christmas’.  We didn’t really celebrate much this time as we are in the middle of finishing so many projects.  Hoping that we will be able to move into our new house sometime in February.

That progress at this time is:  Most of the trim is down and waiting on the counter tops and some flooring.  The counter-top will be installed on Tuesday the 30th.  The guys have been working on the stairs and they are going to look amazing.  All the appliances have to be installed and the 2 claw-foot tubs have to be installed.  The faucets and plumbing items are purchased and should be delivered by the 5th.

My son Steven will be coming to stay with us for awhile so he can get registered and, hopefully, accepted into the nursing program at WWCC.  It is his dream to be a nurse, and I want to do all I can to help him recognize his dream.  Bonus is, he will be a lot of help around here.  Never realized how limited we have become in this past year.  Everything seems harder and seems to take a long longer to accomplish.  Just need to set goals and keep working toward those goals.

I did get a rude awakening when I got my power bill this month.  It was $799+ for one month.  It went from $139 the previous month to $799.  To say that took my breath away, would be an under statement.  The power company along with the heating company will be coming out to see what is going on.  I knew the bills would be higher, but I was not prepared for that.  Needless to say that has put a tremendous damper on things around her.  Holy molly, cross you fingers and hope it is a malfunctioning meter.

Now for some photos:  We will start with the tile in the shower.


Another view of the shower
Another view of the shower
Vinyl combo with tile for the tub surround
Vinyl combo with tile for the tub surround

Still now finished, but I am sure the flooring guy will be a fixture in January.

Then there is the staircase.  To say I am excited for the stairs is an understatement.  It will be the focus of the house.  Lots of natural light and something I can decorate next Christmas.  Oh, boy I can’t wait.

Yet another view of the stairs.  They will be stained after they are installed.
Yet another view of the stairs. They will be stained after they are installed.
The railing is going up in the reading nook
The railing is going up in the reading nook


Stairs are going in
Stairs are going in

The guys also installed the French pocket doors in the upstairs bonus room (aka man-cave).  Also, I found an entertainment cabinet that I am going to use as a wet-bar sink.  Our little wet-bar is only about 3X4 and I had to get creative.  Excited about how it is going to turn out.  Not much of a drinker, but it could be a coffee bar.  I love coffee.

Interior French pocket doors

Interior French pocket doors

A media center with be our new wet-bar
A media center will be our new wet-bar

While working all the time, leaves little time for anything else, I did take a moment to snap a few photos of our really muddy April.  She is our little yard ornament and can’t figure out what the fuss is about.  Looking forward to spring when everything greens up and we have warmer days.  Then we can look out our front windows or sit on the front porch and watch her play.

Dirty April
Dirty April
April wanting to know where the carrot is hidden
April wanting to know where the carrot is hidden
April looking for Papa.. He's her favorite
April looking for Papa.. He’s her favorite

She has a stable mate, Buckwheat the llama, but he wasn’t having anything to do with the photo shoot.

More photos and more blog through-out January.  Hoping our move-in date will be real soon 🙂

Annie, the ever-patient DIY’er


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