Suspenders and The Next Project

Well, Lynn and I put up the wire field fencing today. He still has to put up the top wire and use “hog rings” to fasten the fence. It literally took all day. Why is everything so hard? I guess that is why they call it work. If it was easy, they might call it fun. I am so glad that part is done. Not what I really wanted as I wanted a different kind of fence and maybe the one between the house and the pasture will be the one I want. But that will not happen this year. Maybe, next year.

One of the things I noticed in doing this fence and the bending over and the kneeling down, is that I need suspenders. Really, a belt doesn’t do it. I understand “plumber’s butt” but really it happens to fence installers too. It is embarrassing. Maybe I will get some fancy ones from Duluth Trading Company and really make a fashion statement. Or maybe some bibbed overalls.

On to other things. This week we had a new stove installed in our living room and I am so excited. It is a Lopi Stove and we bought it from Blue Mountain Stoves and they installed it on Thursday. We have to have our propane tanks installed and that will be in early October. Then I plan on being warm this winter without taking out a second mortgage on the house to do that. Here are some photos of the corner before and the new beautiful stove, though you will have to wait until October to actually see the fire. (Later) and the pictures 

Other projects on my list to get started/done this weekend is I need to finish painting some of the back part of the house where the tanks are going to sit. It will be impossible to paint it after they have been set. I will take before and after photos of that too. Didn’t happen this weekend.

Another thing I need to do is hang some pictures over the reading area at the top of the steps. I bought this 3 piece set consisting of a chair; loveseat; and rocker at a flea market. It was old but in fair condition. Some of the dowels broke on the loveseat and I know this amazing attorney that dabbles in woodworking projects in his spare time. He took the loveseat and took the end apart that was having the problem and did a wonderful job of fixing it so that both he and I sat on it and it didn’t break. That’s a job well done. Oh, and he is a skinny guy and that is all I have to say about it!! Pictures forthcoming on that also. (Maybe in October )

Somewhere on Sunday, I have to fit in grocery shopping , laundry, and then the weekend will be gone and it will be back to my paying job. I will finish this tomorrow so you know I haven’t been just wasting my time being a princess.

You know when you have one of those days when you shouldn’t be near anything electronic, well I am having one of those days. I’m going to post this update but I’m afraid there won’t be any pictures as I am having problem downloading them from the camera and I can’t find my users manual.

I took the pictures I just can’t shake them out of the camera.
Didn’t get much accomplished today except grocery shopping, trimming back some of my iris’ and baked some apple dumplings. Oh boy were they yummy. So I did something right at least.

I promised Preston some photos of the loveseat he fixed for me but, I didn’t get the pictures hung, so that didn’t happen. Besides if I had taken them, they would still be safe in the camera. Ugh.

I just wanted a simple camera. Point and take a picture. I don’t need all the bells and whistles. Darn things are so complicated. It worked automatically the last time I used it. Must have hit the wrong button, again!

Anyway, stay tuned for photos next week.

Annie, The Apple Dumpling Maker.

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