Drapes and Pictures

Well this weekend rain was predicted so I decided it was time to hang a few more pictures and drapes. Our living room has 3 large windows on a 16 ft. wall looking north  on pastures in the back.  I loved that it allowed all the light to come into the house. But it was kind’a like living in a fish bowl. Being there is a heavy tree covered levee behind the house and a river there is very little traffic back there so we weren’t too concerned.

I decided that I wanted to add drapes to soften the room and give us a semblance of privacy if we needed it in the future. I did a lot of studying on what kind of drapes would look appropriate as these windows took up most of the wall.

Going with the western theme on the south wall of the living room I wanted to be a little more eclectic and the west wall has the piano and a nautical theme. I decided that I needed to dress up the round coffee table that Lynn just can’t get rid of.  This has a crystal chess set that I bought for him years ago. The only thing new is the drapes. The ships wheel clock was a gift years ago from Diana our daughter.

I’m hoping to have fair weather for the next couple of week as we absolutely need to get the paddock fence repaired before winter.

Here are a few photos so you know I haven’t been sluffing off.

The drapes are hung and anyone for a game of chess?
If the hubby won’t let you get rid of it, cover it with a table cloth.
Piano with world map
Chess anyone
Watching the seasons change out my office window
Doesn’t look like the storm is over yet

Next week I hope to have some board fence photos to share.

Stay dry and I’ll see you next weekend.

Annie the decorator.

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