Editing my book; Planting an Aspen; Moving April.

This weekend is a little less intense than last weekend when I was busy rebuilding our fence. Still lots of fence to repair, but that will hold for another weekend. Here is another look at the fence. So proud of it, but will love it even more when I get some paint on it.

Front pasture fence
Front pasture fence

This weekend I focused on editing my first book. I am about 1/2 way through, meaning I have 70 more pages to do. Then it is off to another editor to see if I am getting there. I will reveal what it is about in one of my later blogs where I will be starting another site that will be an author site. So stay tuned. I’m excited, but also somewhat afraid. This is new to me and a bit scary.

In other news, I planted an Arbor Day Tree. An Aspen. It’s a little twig, but I got a little water bed for it to be cradled in and it will be automatically watered through our dry summers, so I hope it will help it make it though. I put it in the front horse pasture as it is a fast growing tree and the horse can use a little more shade. My understanding is that it will grow about 5 ft. a year, and that’s pretty fast. So we will see. Here is a photo of it  snug in it’s little water bed.

Aspen tree
Baby Aspen Tree

I have another one to plant, but the wind blew it over, so it is recovering. If it survives, it will get planted sometime this week, in another pasture.

Now the third photo I have is of a weed/plant/tree that is growing beside my front porch. It’s not going to stay there, but I was hoping someone may be able to identify what it is. It is on one stalk but is branching at the stop. It’s not a maple tree as I know what those are, and it may just be a weed, but if you can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Weed or Tree or Good Plant or Bad Plant? Can you identify it?

It has been a gorgeous day, but my weekend is almost over and it’s back to the real world tomorrow.

I hope you are enjoying the spring. My favorite time of the year.

Annie, the Aspen Whisperer


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