Building our dream home started in 1995, DIY and paying as we go.

This adventure (so to speak) began with selecting a house plan that Ann loved but thought was a little to complicated and far beyond her reach.  Lynn, said no problem, I can build that.  Ann hesitated thinking no way, we need to pick something more simple.  Lynn assured her that we/he could do this.  He fell in love with the house too.

We picked a spot on the seven acres we lived on.  Farther back on the property away from the highway and closer to the river that runs behind the property.  Surrounded by 5 fenced pastures.  This property was in a flood zone where flooding happened about every 30 to 50 years.  At the time of choosing this site the Corps of Engineers had previously constructed a levee along the Touchet River.  So we built with confidence that the home would be safe from a flood.  We were required to get an elevation certificate to make sure that the home would be build above the 100 year flood stage.  This little certificate involved some surveying to give us a line to shoot from, and $1500 in 1995.  A lot of money then.

Lynn was 56 and in good health and Ann was 44 and in good health.  Neither could foresee the journey this would take.  They just saw a dream that they were willing to work hard to obtain.

As we currently pursue finishing this dream, I will reflect from time to time on that journey.

Thank you for sharing this with me.  This blog keeps me focused on this journey through the ups and downs of a DIY project.

Annie, working on her American Dream

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