Week 3, Day Two – Fencing

Back to working on the fence.

I believe I will be spending every weekend doing something around the yard since winter’s coming.

Lynn took out the big guns, his Father’s Day Present, a John Deere Tractor. He kept telling me he wanted a loader on a tractor, but I said what for? I had to eat those words, he’s used the loader more than any other attachment except the brush cutter.

He used it today to try to smooth out the fence line and for hauling away old fence posts and brush. He loves that tractor, and I’m glad because he actually gets out there and helps. Granted I have to load the posts in the bucket along with the brush, but hey it’s getting cleaned up, and that makes me happy.

We went out there this morning, ready with the marking paint to mark out every 8 feet for the posts to go back in. First we (I) strung a line from one end to the other end and pulled it straight. The supervisor sitting on the John Deere said it was too high! Well, it stayed where it was.

Measured the first 8 feet and tried to used the handy-dandy marking paint and it didn’t work. It was probably the way I was holding it or not holding it, but in the end I got paint on my pants, on my boots and on my gloves, but none on the ground.

Alrighty then, I would be putting the posts in and that would mark the spots. Just skipped a step.  Works for me. The handy-dandy fence post driver was heavy. I had done this before, but that was at least 25 years ago. I don’t remember it being so heavy. I just had to Google to see just how much that puppy weighed. It said 27 pounds for big bertha. That sounds about right, though it felt heavier toward the end. But I figured out a system, and the ground was loose so they went in easy. Now I need to compact the dirt around the posts and that will take a little watering.

12 posts later and we are almost half way there. Ran out of posts. The supervisor will be hunting up some more tomorrow. He thinks he has a few in some of the sheds. Usually we are tripping over them, but when you need them you can’t find them.

That plumb wore me out. It took us about 3 hours to get that done and I was running on about 4 hours of sleep last night. Wasn’t a fun night. That’s it for the outdoor work this weekend. Tomorrow it’s back to work and I’m meeting with the propane guy tomorrow to see when we can get the tanks put in and then comes the stove/fire place. I will be warm this winter.

Of course I will take pictures to show you, and it will actually be someone else installing that. Thank Goodness. Did I mention I want out of the do-it-yourself business? Maybe some day I can sit on that porch and drink ice-tea. Maybe next year, got too much to do this year.

The supervisor will be hooking up the chain saw and cutting a thick branch off the elderberry tree that is actually right in the way of the fence.

Now for some pictures. As soon as I find that picture thingy, again. 😦

That’s Big Blue Bertha, and you see my straight line. That’s the back of the house. Still need to finish the painting.
About as straight as the Tennessee mountain roads. What the hay, the horse doesn’t care.
Some of the remnants of the old fence. Gone now 🙂
The back of the house. Still need to finish painting it. That was going to be this year, but stuff happens. A detour.
That’s the weedy fence behind the house. I want to put board fence there, but I don’t know if I have the time or money this year.
This is the branch the supervisor will be cutting down this week, if I can keep him on task.
This is what’s left of the debris and old field fencing. Waiting for next week.

Well that’s all folks. See you next weekend.

Annie, Pounding them posts, taming Bertha.


Update – Still Working Away

Thought I would spend a little time on my blog as I haven’t really wrote any posts in a long time.  Maybe a couple of years. So I have a lot of ground to cover, but won’t do it all at one time.

We moved into our dream home in March of 2015, so we have been in a little over 2 1/2 years. It wasn’t completely done, but as much as we could afford.  Many of the finishing touches were going to be done as we actually lived in the house.

It’s comfortable and big.  I really always wanted a big house so I could have family and friends over.

How are those finishing touches going, well not as fast as I expected. As usual I was side-tracked.  We had to fix up the little house that we lived in to sell. So that eat up the second half of 2016. The nightmare came in Nov & Dec of 2016 when all the pipes in the house froze. With the help of a very nice old-school plumber from White’s Plumbing out of Dayton WA, se managed to get it done. More about that later.

What I have been doing for the last 3 weeks is removing a 160 foot section of field fencing which was buried in 2 foot of flood from 1996. Yep, that was a long time ago. Well our sweet geriatric horse (20+ years) decided she wanted to jump the fence she has been squashing down over the years, cause you know the grass on the other side is sweeter.

So that was a project I had been researching and hoping I could fit in my budget to have done. Hmm, that didn’t work out quite like I planned. Instead, Lynn and I have been trying to get it done. I will post some of the photos that I took today. It’s a much tougher job than I anticipated, but you’d think I would get it by now, everything is tougher than I think. With the high temperatures we have been delayed. So we have been getting it done in 2 hour increments, which isn’t much time, but considering our age and Lynn’s health, that is about all we are capable of. Now for some pictures.

Having issues trying to post the pictures. A little rusty at this blogging thing at the moment.

Looking out my office window
From my office window
Another image from my office. Winter’s coming and it will green up some.
Weedy fence stuck in the mud.
Elderberry bushes beside the fencing we need to remove
What a mess
Walking toward the fence area. Neighbors house.
This is the fence-puller-outer we are going to use.

This is just one side of the pasture, 160 feet. There are 3 more sides to this pasture and it is the smallest pasture, but the one we rotate April (the horse) in-and-out of through the summer.  Unfortunately, she decided to get frisky and challenge the fence. So I guess I will blame it on April. That is also why it hasn’t been watered because we had to keep her in the front pasture. Oh, and there’s a whole other story on that pasture. Stay tuned for that.

I’m really going to be looking forward to winter. And anyone that knows me knows that I hate winter. Stay tuned for more updates more frequently in the next couple of months. Still working on stairs; and painting; and we are getting a propane heating stove being installed in a few weeks.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Annie – fence destroyer and future fence builder.

Our Little House for Sale

We are now in the home (Dream Home) for a little over 1 1/2 years.  In the meantime the little house that we renovated and lived in for 14 years has been up for sale for a little over 2 months.  Today we had an Open House and the realtor said it was one of the best open houses he has had this year.

As much as I don’t want to part with the little house, paying 2 mortgages is a bit trying.  It sits on one acre and we have done alot of inside renovation that was (before blog) so I don’t really have any before and after photos.  Although I do have photos of the front porch and back porch renovation.  Those were posted in 2013 I believe March through October.  So you might want to check those out.

Thank you for visiting my blog and keep your fingers crossed that someone will buy it that loves it as much as I did.

I’ll keep you updated,

Annie – ever hopeful