Starting the day with a headache, Excedrin saves the day.

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I guess better late than never, the footings are in for two posts.   Four posts have their first coat of Kilz Primer.  So the weekend hasn’t been a total failure.

Had a humdinger of a headache when I woke this morning, but a couple Excedrin and a few hours more of sleep and I am a new person.

The progress on the porch renovation didn’t go as fast as I anticipated this past weekend.  But we are playing catch-up.  I took Saturday off from construction as on Friday and Saturday I participated in the Relay for Life, Cancer relay.  This was my first time participating in this worthwhile event.  Cancer has been a killer for many of my family members and friends.  Through research more people are living longer and beating this dreaded disease.  My Aunt being one of those.  She has lived the past 5 years, that she wouldn’t have had just 10 years ago.  Her cancer has begun to grow again, so she is undergoing Chemo again.  All I can do is pray and feel like I am helping through doing the Relay for Life.  If you get the opportunity, participate in this event near your home.  They make birthdays.

Back to the back porch.  Hauled old decking out to the burn pile and did some clean-up and dug the footings.   Then it started raining on Sunday and that was the end of that.  Couldn’t pour concrete during the rain.

So this afternoon, my hubby and I mixed up some concrete and I managed to prime 4 of the posts that will be holding the roof of the porch up.  I will be painting them white and will have white railings on a redwood deck.  Through experience with doing a lot of painting on my “Dream Home”, I have found that you need to use a good primer or it just will not hold up in our climate.  Though our weather is not as wet as the west side of the state, we do get a lot of wind in our area and any wood surfaces  that are facing south have a hard time holding paint.  Our porch is on the north side of the house so it won’t get that wind, but when you find a good primer, you stick with it.  We now always buy Kilz Premium Primer because that is the most durable.  Just touting the Kilz as maybe you can learn from my experiences.  By the weekend I will be able to put 2 coats of paint on them.

Got a little side-tracked when I went into the dream house and saw the post from the front porch (of the dream house) which had 3 sides glued together (last fall) and needed the 4th side glued on.  So I took a little detour and worked on the Dream House post.  Wasn’t going to work on that until I finished the back porch.  Actually, now that I think of it, the back porch IS the detour.

Again, back to the back porch.  The posts going under the deck will be pressure-treated and hidden so they will not be painted.  I am really excited about the progress, even if it is slow.  I can’t wait to take the pictures of the finished porch.  But in the meantime, here are a few photos from this weekend.

Annie, the novice porch builder.

I am passing the baton to my dear husband.

First attempt at removing sod on roof.
First attempt at removing sod on roof.
Nice and fertile soil with clematis vines
Nice and fertile soil with clematis vines


The project looks overwhelming.
The project looks overwhelming.
Beginning to see some daylight
Beginning to see some daylight
Working on not getting it in my mouth and up my nose.
Working on not getting it in my mouth and up my nose.
Lynn get my back side.  Standing on the ladder all day is tough
Lynn get my back side. Standing on the ladder all day is tough
The is the last few feet of the sod and it was growing up the valley of the roof on the house.
The is the last few feet of the sod and it was growing up the valley of the roof on the house.
This is what I managed to get done this weekend.
This is what I managed to get done this weekend.

P1010358 P1010359

Final photo of the porch.  Getting there.
Final photo of the porch. Getting there.
This is the last picture of the day
This is the last picture of the day

Well my goal for today was accomplished.  I got all the sod off the roof and many of the boards.  It is ready to have the roof rafters and ceiling rafters taken down.  That is Lynn’s part of the project and he has this week to get it done.  As next weekend we will be removing  floorboards and seeing whether we will be using the joist that are there or whether we will be replacing those also.  Got the feeling, they will be replaced.

We are also planning on pouring the cement posts.  If we get that far next weekend, I will be a happy girl.

I had planned to wait until the project is done before showing you pictures, but I just can’t wait that long.  So I will be posting a few of the ones as we progressed to how it looks today.  Really had no way to go but up.

Annie, the demo queen.

Yippee!! Almost got the Back Porch Demo Done

Today I was determined to see some progress on demolition of the back porch.  Got up early so we could get the grocery shopping done and be home in time to work outside on the porch.  I had a plan, I implemented that plan, and things progressed well.  Set a goal of how far I wanted to get today, and almost reached that goal.  Hmmm I always  over estimate my ability.  My target was to get all the old shingles, sod and wood cross boards off the porch roof.  I only have about 4 more feet to go.  Should have it done by tomorrow noon.  That’s my next goal.

Donned my hat, my work clothes, my goggles and my face mask and proceeded to removed the sod roof.  Got about 5-6 hours work on it, and this girl is pooped.  What I have discovered is that I am capable of doing most anything I set my mind too.  This project is not how I wanted to spend this summer, so I am trying to get it done so I can go back to the Dream House.

Lynn has made the shopping list of the lumber, joist hangers, pressure treated posts, cement, and various other assorted building items.  I would like to go get this stuff tomorrow, but that may be pushing things a bit this weekend.  And, I may just sneak over to the garden supplies and pick out some flowers for the flower beds.  They are pretty neglected this spring as the porch has demanded my attention.

Oh, the plus side, I have numerous starts of Clematis which I removed from the roof to give my friends and van buddies.

I can’t wait to share the pictures of this little task with you all, but want to wait until it is almost finished.  It is embarrassing as to how bad it looked.

I had planned to put on asphalt shingles to match the house roof, but for the last couple of days, I was thinking how nice a metal roof would look and sound.  Love to hear the rain on a metal roof, takes me back to my childhood.  What do you think?  I have roofed with asphalt shingles before, but have never tried to instal metal roofing.  Well that is where the internet is a wonder, I will just Google it.  May have to get some assistance on that, as I am a might too old to be getting on a roof.  Oh, and I haven’t shared this idea with Lynn yet.  Don’t know what he will think of that.

This project, and all my other projects are do-it-yourself, because my budget will not let me do otherwise.  I think we are all feeling the pinch a little with the high price of fuel.  Most of our expendable income is spent on getting back and forth to work.  Hey, but that gripping is for another blog.  If you have dreams and you want to make those dreams happen, you just need to roll up your sleeves and get to work.  I am fortunate enough to be in relatively good health with lots of energy.

I will try to post an update tomorrow, after I finish my sock fairy duties.

Ann, the porch demo queen 🙂

Things are cooling down for the old-war-horse!!

Getting cooler weather and lots of rain has put our little project on the back burner. Oh, yea, and my Birthday. We celebrated by going to The Red Robin in the tri-cities. Had a yummy burger and dessert. Stuffed to the gills. Back on the diet as soon as we left the restaurant. Haha, you know how that is…. you always diet better on a full stomach.

Feeling guilty because I haven’t done anything on the house.  So, I headed out to the house and glued up one side of the post.  This post was the most difficult to get apart, so needless to say it will probably be the most difficult to get back together.  I will just have to take it slow and easy.  Gingerly, that is a new word that I have been seeing in some of my readings.  So I need to use new words, to show you I am educated and all, so here goes!  I glued up one side of the post and brought the other delicate side gingerly up to mesh perfectly, before clamping.  Who says you can’t teach an old ‘war-horse’ new tricks.   Just heard that ‘war-horse’ term this week when my boss was referring to some of his ‘minor villains.’  Almost fell off my chair laughing.

Back to the story.  Thought about cleaning up some of the dust, but with the overcast skies, it started getting dark inside, so it will just have to wait until next weekend.  Working full time really limits how much I can do.  Now it is dark when I go to work and dark when I get home.  Ugh.  Don’t like the shorter days.

Lets do some reflecting on the dream house.  Okay, this is about 1998 & 1999 maybe even 2000.  The 2 car garage (not attached) has been built and sided with a kind of lap siding.  Liked it at the time, but believe that I like the cement board siding better.  Cement board siding is a little more labor intensive, but will probably hold up better.  Got the double garage doors on it, but didn’t get the entry door or the sliding door on it at this time.  We extended the garage in depth about 4 or 6 feet, can’t really remember.  The area in the back was to be used for parking lawn tractors and such back there.  Lynn and I did mix up some concrete and poured a ramp leading in through the sliding door in the back.  Not my first concrete pour.  Probably not my last either.

The shop came next.  It has the appearance of a barn, but it is actually a shop where he can do all the little things he wants to do when he gets this ‘little ole house project’ done.  The shop we actually made longer too.  Again I don’t remember the feet added on there either.  Well we got that up and sided.  Remember it is two stories.  I thought I would die trying to help him put up the ridge board.  I was up on a 10 or 12 foot ladder, and you know how much I love ladders.  Well, it was a little harry at best.  Wobbly knees, but we did it.  I was a little younger and a little more foolish.  Thought we had the shop behind us when he decided that we needed to add 5 more feet to the back for a tack room and a wood room.  God help me!!  So we poured more concrete and added 5 feet to the length of the back of the shop and framed that and now we were ready for the roof.  We did hire the roof out.  I am done roofing and Lynn doesn’t bounce anymore.  A girl can only take so much.

Now we have a garage full of stuff.  Oh yeah, we have a car in their somewhere.  Someday we will have to take it out and clean it up so we can park it back in there.  A man and his toys.  The shop has almost every power tool Sears has made.  Many bought in the 60’s and 70’s.  Again, a man and his toys.

Wondering what has been happening with the house?  Um, not very much.  Somewhere around this time, we put down the floor joists, pony walls and OSB flooring.  But we didn’t get any wall up.  Covered the flooring with black plastic to get through the winter because we just ran out of time.  You gotta give me credit for my patients.  I think I was just too busy working for a living, to get worked up about something I couldn’t do anything about.  We discussed getting a home loan and just finishing it, but business at the hardware store wasn’t any good either.  Home Depot was breaking ground on a big do-it-yourself store, just 20 miles away.  So the worry of what that would do to our ‘mom & pop’ business loomed in the future.  A year later, Walmart came to College Place, just 25 miles away.  We could see the writing on the wall, but that was something Lynn didn’t want to believe.  He looked at diversifying and putting in product that Walmart didn’t carry.  A struggle at best.  But we still had the dream.  And you work toward your dreams.

Stay tuned for more reflecting.  Posting a few pictures.

Prayers are going out to all those on the East Coast, be safe and stand fast in the coming Super Storm.  Prayers, love and light to you all

Annie, A little be older and a tad bit wiser.

Love the clouds and winter wheat along the hills. Also about 2005

Scenery going toward Walla Walla. Taken about 2005

Another toy for Papa