Washington Baked

Happy Sunday to all,

Last weekend I didn’t get to finish the yard project I was undertaking.  Woes me, I didn’t get to finish this weekend either.

We have been hit hard with a heat wave.  Though I live in the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant, we have broke many records in this early summer heat.  Today was 112, and yesterday was 108.  So the family has been huddled inside the air conditioned house.

I spent the morning looking for a drill bit I bought purposely to hang up the towel racks in the bathroom.  Ended up unpacking some boxes and finally finding the drill bit, just before I had to make supper.  You know how you put something up so that you will remember where it is when you need it?  Well that is what I did with the drill bit.  4 hours later I remembered where I put it.  Ugh, this memory thing is beginning to bug me.

Well I got a few things done in the house today, but not nearly as much as I wanted.

Yesterday morning Lynn and I managed to put up a piece of OSB where the gate is going to be, seeing as the weather isn’t letting-up for at least another week.  We didn’t want to wait another week to get Kinzie in the yard.  We also hung two small gates.  One in the morning and one in the evening.  Kinzie spent her first night in her new yard.  I worried all night long, but she survived just fine.  She spent the day in the house though.

Kinzie, staying where it is cool.
Kinzie, staying where it is cool.

So I had to take a few pictures for the insurance on the house, so I will post those so you can see what has been done and some of what is left to do.

Front looking east
Front looking east
Side looking East
Side looking East
Back looking Southeast
Back yard looking Southeast

The yard looks pretty pitiful, but new grass will not be planted until next year.  So I am watering to green up the weeds, as they at least look better than brown weeds.  My new dream is to get it professionally landscaped with a sprinkling system.  It is good to have dreams and goals.  Although now I need to just chill-out and enjoy what I do have.

Stay cool and have a great week.

Annie, Having Hot Flashes in Washington 🙂

Happy Memorial Day

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend.  It is now coming to an end and it will be back to work again tomorrow.

How about this year?  Is it going as quickly for you as it seems to be going for me?  Busy busy busy.  So here is the progress that I accomplished this weekend.

Spent Saturday painting boards, putting up fences, and moving earth, from one spot to another.  Our mower is broken and the weeds are getting higher by the day.  We have about 7 acres of tall weeds.  It is really beginning to bug me.  All the money that we have is going into the house now and there just isn’t room in the budget for another riding mower, this year.  Hopefully, between Lynn and Troy, they will figure it out this week.  In the meantime I am still working on the fence.

Sunday was about the same as Saturday.  Except that the light fixture in the other house blew the breaker and was smoking.  Not a good sign.  Oh, did I mention, I don’t do electrical.  That and skill saws.  Nope, I don’t do either of those.  Apparently Steven doesn’t do them either.  So this appears to be a job for Lynn, so on Monday (today) we headed to our favorite spot, Home Depot, for a new fixture.  We should have taken the old fixture off first to see what was needed, but that would have been too easy.  Got the wrong fixture, so it’s back to the store tomorrow.  Ugh, I hate taking things back.

On the plus side, I found a lucky penny, so maybe that will count for something.

So actually, my weekend was busy and boring.  I hope to have more to write about next week.  Take care and here are some pictures, I snapped today.

My first yellow rose.
My first yellow rose.


This is a maple tree we grew from a sapling.  Getting big.

My first pinkish rose.
My first pinkish rose.
This is a big deal for me as I have never been able to grow roses.  Especially yellow, my favorite.
This is a big deal for me as I have never been able to grow roses. Especially yellow, my favorite.
5-24-15 some progress.  But I got them a little out of line.  So some will be a do-over.
5-24-15 some progress. But I got them a little out of line. So some will be a do-over.
A view from a different angle.
A view from a different angle.

Well, that’s all folks.  Hope to post more progress next week.

Annie, the crooked fence builder.

A Busy Week so Far

Decided to hit the ground running this week.  Had a lot of stops for estimates and passed out a few sets of plans.  Have gone to 2 flooring companies.  Asked for a revised cabinet estimate.  Sent an email to the contractor that we are interested in working with, asking to expand the initial estimate to include more work that I know Lynn is not well enough to do.

This has been a difficult decision for Lynn and myself.  It has brought to the forefront Lynn’s limitations.  That is something that is very hard for a proud man, like Lynn, to face.  I’m hoping that he can look past that and see that in going this route, he will get to actually live in our Dream Home.

I tasked him with gathering all the documentations that will be needed by the bank.  He had gathered it all together and gave it to me last night.  Wahoo that is one thing I can check off the list.

Decisions, decisions.  I have seen so many styles of doors, cabinets, laminate flooring, carpeting, faucets, tubs, toilets, smoke alarms and a multitude of other little things that I can’t imagine.

The thing that is scaring me to death is whether I will qualify for the mortgage through the bank.  Cross your fingers and say some little prayers for us.

As much as I want to get this project done, taking on a large mortgage is a little daunting.  I will be smart about it and if it is out of our planned budget, we will continue as we have been doing.

In the meantime I will continue to do clean-up work inside, cut and paint more cedar shakes, work on the posts and do a little painting.  Oh, and there are fences to be mended, a dog to groom, not to mention all the domestic duties (I hate doing) and flower beds to be weeded.  Ho hum, stay tuned for another update later this week.

Annie, the General Contractor 🙂