A short Saturday post

Saturdays we don’t usually get very much accomplished on the porch.  But today I was pleasantly surprised as Lynn felt up to cutting a few boards.  I intended on getting some painting done, but decided to put on some of the joist hangers for the ceiling joists of the porch.  A little painting came later.

All the boards for the roof rafters and the spacers are cut and ready to be nailed up tomorrow.  While Lynn was doing that, I began to put the ceiling joists hangers on a 2×6, actually 2 2×6’s so far.  I knew I could do this with my handy dandy palm nailer, so that was my designated job.  With Lynn’s suggestion, it was a lot easier than how I was thinking of doing it.  That’s why I keep him around, for his wonderful, intelligent, winning disposition.  🙂  Well the first two for sure.

He said I should put the hangers on before we nailed the 2×6’s up on the wall.  Good idea, I can do that.  So I made sure I had the end hanger in the right place then centered the rest 16 inches apart.  Worked wonderfully.  Then we put up a chalk line and put up the first two board.  There is about 3 feet more to put up, but we have to do a little revising on that first.

After that, Lynn was done in, but I had a little more energy, so I decided to caulk some holes and put some primer on the eves and down one side to make ready for the two coats of green.  By that time, I was done for today.  Tomorrow the plan is to put up all the roof rafters and possibly some of the ceiling joist, plus put on the two coats of paint before I don’t have access to that area.  We would like to get up the sheeting on, but that is just too much to hope for.

So stay tuned for tomorrow’s update.

Annie, the happy weekend warrior.

Coming along.  See all the roof rafters stacked on the deck?  The will be on top tomorrow
Coming along. See all the roof rafters stacked on the deck? They will be on top tomorrow.
A little bright white primer on the corner, and it appears I will be painting some of the house this year.  Ugh.
A little bright white primer on the corner, and it appears I will be painting some of the house this year. Ugh.

Yippee!! Almost got the Back Porch Demo Done

Today I was determined to see some progress on demolition of the back porch.  Got up early so we could get the grocery shopping done and be home in time to work outside on the porch.  I had a plan, I implemented that plan, and things progressed well.  Set a goal of how far I wanted to get today, and almost reached that goal.  Hmmm I always  over estimate my ability.  My target was to get all the old shingles, sod and wood cross boards off the porch roof.  I only have about 4 more feet to go.  Should have it done by tomorrow noon.  That’s my next goal.

Donned my hat, my work clothes, my goggles and my face mask and proceeded to removed the sod roof.  Got about 5-6 hours work on it, and this girl is pooped.  What I have discovered is that I am capable of doing most anything I set my mind too.  This project is not how I wanted to spend this summer, so I am trying to get it done so I can go back to the Dream House.

Lynn has made the shopping list of the lumber, joist hangers, pressure treated posts, cement, and various other assorted building items.  I would like to go get this stuff tomorrow, but that may be pushing things a bit this weekend.  And, I may just sneak over to the garden supplies and pick out some flowers for the flower beds.  They are pretty neglected this spring as the porch has demanded my attention.

Oh, the plus side, I have numerous starts of Clematis which I removed from the roof to give my friends and van buddies.

I can’t wait to share the pictures of this little task with you all, but want to wait until it is almost finished.  It is embarrassing as to how bad it looked.

I had planned to put on asphalt shingles to match the house roof, but for the last couple of days, I was thinking how nice a metal roof would look and sound.  Love to hear the rain on a metal roof, takes me back to my childhood.  What do you think?  I have roofed with asphalt shingles before, but have never tried to instal metal roofing.  Well that is where the internet is a wonder, I will just Google it.  May have to get some assistance on that, as I am a might too old to be getting on a roof.  Oh, and I haven’t shared this idea with Lynn yet.  Don’t know what he will think of that.

This project, and all my other projects are do-it-yourself, because my budget will not let me do otherwise.  I think we are all feeling the pinch a little with the high price of fuel.  Most of our expendable income is spent on getting back and forth to work.  Hey, but that gripping is for another blog.  If you have dreams and you want to make those dreams happen, you just need to roll up your sleeves and get to work.  I am fortunate enough to be in relatively good health with lots of energy.

I will try to post an update tomorrow, after I finish my sock fairy duties.

Ann, the porch demo queen 🙂