Last day of a working vacation

Last full day of vacation. Lynn and I worked until about 3:30 for Lynn and I put in another hour.

Lynn spent about 4 hours in the lift painstakingly cutting and fitting all the acorn cedar shakes one at a time. I think we are going to run out before we get this one side done. Lynn thought that he would finish that side today but didn’t happen. Ran out of energy before he could finish. I’m sure he will be up there tomorrow while I’m at work.

The last thing we did was remove another post and put the finished one in its place. Oh, it sure is an improvement. Now post #3 is sitting on my back deck waiting for me to take it apart and start working on it.

In the meantime, I have to paint some more cedar shakes. We have 42 cut and ready to paint. I put the primer on the edge then on the top surface. Tomorrow I will add the red which has to be two coats then two coats of the sage green. Looks like I will only have about an hour of work after I get home each day this week. I guess it will be Lynn’s night to cook tomorrow.

I have been taking pictures each step of the way.  Every year I take photos that I have taken during the year and make a calendar to send to the kids.  This year’s calendar will the be “The Year of the Dream Home.”  I am thrilled that we have got done as much as we have.  We waited rather late in the year to get out there and get started.  We had a wet spring, and I thought we were going to hire some work done as Lynn just wasn’t feeling very well.  But in the end, I just made an executive decision.   Oh, Lynn hates those.  Decided that I had waited long enough, and I went and rented the lift.  He thought we should have fixed the “bucket truck.”  Oh that is a whole other story.  I’ll fill you in on that in another reflection post.  Anyway, he thought it would just cost too much.  Well, it did cost a lot, but it has been worth every penny.  For one thing it has forced he and I both to focus on getting as much as we can get done while we have it.  Also, he is doing the work which is always a good thing, because he is a real craftsman and does a wonderful job.

I probably will not be doing too much on my blog until next weekend as I have to go to my real job and earn money so I can pay my bill collectors.  Ho hum.  Now for the photos.

Annie, back to the real world for the working girl

Lynn cutting each shingle one-by-one

Where we stopped today

Another view

42 more shakes to prime and paint

Edges primed

Post #3 awaiting my attention.