Waiting, at a dead standstill

Well, we are supposed to get the boom-lift back tomorrow. Had to work for a living this week. Hopefully, back to the house on Saturday. I guess if it had to break, this week was the best time. We have hundreds of wildfires in the State of Washington now, and the air is thick with smoke, ash, and dirt. Air advisories are to stay inside unless absolutely necessary. It is really gloomy and still. Wishing for wind,  is a two-edged sword. You want wind to blow this gunk out, but it would just feed the wildfires.

Some progress:  The second turned post is glued together and just waiting for me to work my magic.  That will probably be Saturday afternoon.  This is moving way to slow for me.  Sometimes I have so much that needs to be done, I don’t know what to do next.  So I guess, I will just do some reflecting.

Now where was I, oh yeah, 1998.  That was the year that we built the Garage and started on the Shop.  Lynn did most of the work, but I helped.  I put on the cedar shakes.  That was when I wasn’t scared of getting on the roof.  They still need painting, maybe next year.

We did have the cement floor for the shop poured at the same time as the garage.  Work on the shop I believe began in 1998, also.  We found a plan for a 2 story garage/shop at Lumberman’s in Walla Walla.  It was off the shelf for about $12.00.  It was just what we were looking for.  It simulated a barn-style shop which fit well with our outbuildings.  Those plans were more detailed than the plans for the house.  It detailed where every board went.  Though Lynn didn’t need that much detail, I was amazed.  Of course, we had to tweak it to our liking.  I believe he made it wider and deeper.  I just hope to get it painted this year as it looks like a patch-work quilt now.  That is definitely the plan for the lift in the next 3 weeks.  Note:  There is a barn-style door in the upper-level middle of the shop.  It is framed in (and sheeted over for now), but probably will not be put in until next year.

I plan to take at least part of next week off to work on the house.  Winter is fast approaching and we have a lot to do.

Note:  None of the buildings had ready-made-trusses, Lynn hand-framed all of them.  In hind site he would probably have saved himself a lot of grief if he had ordered them.  He is just old-school, you know, “I can do it myself!”  The stubborn Scotsman.

I will try to find some pictures of the garage and shop to post.  I think we are on our way to 1999.

Annie, the house-bound novice carpenter.

The shop as it stands now. Need to paint the top floor.


4-1-98 Shop walls going up. First floor.

Working at my real job

Well the boom lift is at the “lift doctor.” So there wasn’t any work done on the house yesterday or today. Not sure when it will be released, but hopefully in a day or two.

Had to go to my real job, but have permission to take more time off when we get the lift back. In the meantime, Lynn worked a little on the post but will do more tomorrow. He is recovering from last week. I think I may have pushed him a little too hard.

So there isn’t much to report on today so this will be short.

Plans for the future are: Finish the East gable then the West gable, then the center over the front door. In between the times that Lynn will be doing the structural part, I will fancy things up a bit. I plan on painting the upper part of the shop and if time allows we will move to the side and eventually to the back.

We did finish up the back lower deck of the house earlier this summer. There is also a small upper deck that needs some attention. Oh my as I am writing this, even I am becoming overwhelmed. Nothing has been done inside yet.

Plans for the inside: We will have a master bath, two full baths in the upstairs and a half-bath by the back door. Three bedrooms upstairs and a large bonus room. First floor has a formal dining room, a country kitchen, family room, laundry room, master suite, living room and finally the library/office.

Hopefully, it will be ready by the time I retire.  Sooner I hope.  With Lynn already retired and hopefully I will in another 5 years, we could actually lose each other in this house, which may assist us both in surviving retirement.

Oh, I forgot, his shop is every mans dream.  I believe that he owns most of the power tools that Sears has produced.  I should have bought stock in Sears years ago knowing they had customers like him.  He has a compound miter saw that I bought for him about 5 years ago, and it is still in the box!!

If you had noticed from the photos, his shop has a second story.  Well right now that is storage, but the future plan is a model railroad room.  Lynn still has many model trains he had when he was a boy and various model railroad stuff he has acquired through the years.  (He boarders or being a ‘hoarder’).  Hmm that rhymes.

Well, I just got carried away.  I told you this would be short.  So I will post more as the week moves along.

Annie, Practicing patience

Day 7 of the vacation. Moving a little slow.

Well, today was a little short, had to take Lynn to the Dr. to get his blood thinner checked. Of course, we had to stop by my work to weigh-in, as we are both on that diet thing. Visited with my co-workers who I just love, and talked about me taking another week off. Thought it sounded like a good idea, now if the boss approves it I will get to torture Lynn for another week.

While we were in town, we did a little shopping at the Home Depot and loaded up on the list of supplies we needed to keep going.  One new item was a wire brush.  I saw a u-tube video on how to clean out paint brushes.  It was pretty slick.  You need a wire brush and you basically comb the paint brush with the wire brush, under warm or cold water.  Man, what a time saver that is.  I have been buying cheap brushes so I don’t feel so bad about throwing them away.

Okay now for the progress.  Today Lynn went up in the lift and put some trim around the stain glass window.  First he needed to put 1/2″ plywood up and then a piece of the Hardie Board trim.  That places it out far enough that the siding butts up against it and doesn’t stick out.  I did take a photo of just what we got done today.  It went slow as I was not very proficient with the siding tool.  As a matter of fact, I switched to a chop saw because I was wasting too much trim practicing.  I guess that is something I just can’t get the hang off in this short amount of time.  I did some running up and down the stairs handing things out the window to Lynn in the lift.  Oh, and that diet thing with Lynn, what was I thinking??  He was living up to his nick name:  Ole’ Snap & Snarl.  Boy was he cranky.  So at one point I decided he didn’t need me and I went to the far side of the garage (to get away) and decided to paint a door, that he pointed out needed painting.  I managed to get it scrapped, caulked and primed.  He is a real work incentive.

When we got back from town, I went to work on the post we took out yesterday.  I removed all the screws with a power drill.  Oh, I didn’t tell you.  We did something I know Norm Abrams would not approve of.  We tried to bring the splitting posts together with screws, counter sunk of course.  Didn’t work.  Nothing worked, except taking them apart and fixing them right.  At least that is what I say now.  Ask me this time next year and I will let you know how they have fared over the winter.

Back to the post.  Well I removed the screws and then tried to pull the 4 sides apart.  Nothing is easy.  So I used my versatile putty knife to try to force apart the sticking sides.  It worked but in the process I bent my putty knife.  I loved that putty knife.  Papa said he will buy me another one tomorrow.  This is me frowning. 😦    I truly loved that little tool.

Tomorrow is grocery day, so we won’t be working in the morning.  Then by the time we get home, Lynn is too tuckered out to do anything, so that means I get to play on the lift when we get home.  Yipee.  Maybe I can get him to move it to the Shop and I will start painting on it.  I need to get the “up high” work done before we have to take the lift back.

Or I may just call it a rest day, and head into town for the Walla Walla Quilt Show.  Leaving Lynn home to recharge for Sunday.  I think that is what I am going to do.  Making and executive decision, Quilting Show it is.  Save the painting until Sunday.  Now for some photos, that finally downloaded.

Annie, Posting,  Painting, and Chop Saw Operator

Window In

Another one of the window

Sliding Garage Door – Mower entrance

Primed and ready for the final coat.

Post in pieces

My beloved putty knife.