Back on the Positive Side

Happy Sunday

Spending time working on the home that we live in.  Getting it ready to go on the market.  Spend the morning pulling weeds and getting some much needed yard work done.  I will be glad when I only have one place to keep up.  Even though it will be 7 acres, many of the acres will be pasture and maybe we will have some more livestock to help keep the mowing to a minimum.

Now to the Dream Home.  The plumbing and electrical are being installed.  Also Grassi Refrigeration is installing 2 heat exchangers and I think one heat pump.  That is so out of my realm of expertise, I just let them do their thing.  They are a sub-contractor for S & K Mountain Construction.  The plan is that one unit will supply the heating and cooling to the upstairs and the other will supply the heating and cooling to the main floor.  The duct work will be in the ceiling in the upstairs and in the floor on the main floor.  The duct work is wrapped and insulated.  The house will have insulation in all the walls and in the attic and also under the floor.  I sure hope it makes for a cozy home.  We have a total of 44 windows to let in the light.

The master bath has the tub framed-in, just waiting for the insulation and drywall to be installed then the hydro-tub can go in.

Master Bath Tub Framing
Master Bath Tub Framing

Here is another picture of the Master Bath.  The shower will be a curbless, and sandwiched between two closets.  This has a vaulted ceiling.  Actually the bathroom is larger than the Master Bedroom.  Never gave it too much thought, but who really needs a bathroom that big.  Though it is nice.

Master Bath, Vaulted ceilings.  The shower will be where the ladder is
Master Bath, Vaulted ceilings. The shower will be where the ladder is

We did make the laundry/utility room 4 foot deeper and that is a good thing, as that is where the heat exchanger will be for the main floor.  It is going in quickly.  I have a more complete photo that I will post tomorrow.  Here it is beginning to go in.

First floor furnace goes in.
First floor furnace goes in.

Off of this utility room is a back porch.  Done in redwood, it looks wonderful.  Can’t wait to stain it.  I like it stained redwood.  Which is what I want all the decks and porches to be on the house.  The main back deck has grayed since we put it in 2012, so I need to power wash it and stain it with the redwood stain.  Not fond of the gray patina.  They are also beginning to put in the upper deck which has been waterproofed so that it doesn’t leak onto the below deck.  I believe that will be a porch where we will spend a lot of time.

Porch off the utility room
Porch off the utility room

Tomorrow I will post some updated photos.  These are about 2 weeks old.

I can’t say enough good about the contractor we hired.  S & K Mountain Construction has been wonderful.  Their work is top notch, and they are great to work with.  Gabe their foreman stays right on top of things and he has an awesome memory.  We try not to make many changes as we don’t want to exceed our budget.

See you tomorrow.  Taking this Monday off work to catch up on many of the things I need to get done.  I guess I’ll rest in December 🙂

Annie, the picture taker and work skipper.




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