Mending Fences and Most of it is Done

I have really been stressing about getting the paddock fences repaired before bad weather sets in. This is April’s winter home. So I took the day off to get it done. Needless to say this didn’t make Lynn a happy camper, but he can rest for the next 2 days, so he can be ready when the weekend rolls around.

Remember we had a big limb fall from the tree beside the paddock which broke two sections of board fence and April was scratching her rump and broke another whole section. Love her dearly, but she needs a companion, but that is a blog for the future.

We moved her to the back pasture so we could work in the front pasture without her supervision. Tear down was easy as the tree and April took care of that. I just had to remove as many of the boards as I could, Then the matter of cutting up the tree branches.  Lynn took care of cutting three big limbs in pieces so we could at least work around them. My neighbor burns wood in his shop and he will be taking some of those off our hands.

I did call a few tree companies and will be getting some estimates on either taking the whole tree down or at least getting some of the larger limbs cut so they don’t fall on April. She was lucky the last time and I don’t want to take anymore chances. When they come out for the estimate we will see what kind of tree it is. I think it is a Chinese Elm, but it could be some kind of Locust as there are a lot of them in this country.

We installed two posts and three 16ft 2×6 boards and was able to reuse some that weren’t damaged. It looks a lot better but we still have a lot of clean-up to do.

I love finding treasures when I do projects like this. There is this small gate that goes into the paddock that had some hinge details that I admired. It also has some lap joints that makes it unique. Lynn didn’t make this one as he hasn’t ever used lap joints that I can remember. So it will be scraped and sanded then primer and paint will go on. I know it’s silly as the rest of the fence will not get painted this year. Maybe next year. Can’t wait to see how that turns out.

Now for some photos:


I just uploaded this photos and had to laugh as I lost one of Lynn’s wrenches and I  looked all over the place and couldn’t find it. He said we would have to go to Sears and get him a new one. Did you see it. I hope it’s still there in the morning as it is too dark out there now. Shoosh, don’t tell Lynn until I make sure it is still there and I didn’t move it after the picture was taken.

Annie, the fence mender.

I so want to be done with this almost 20 year project. Ugh!!

I haven’t posted in about 3 weeks as I have been having very little movement on the part of the contractors.  This project, for them, is winding down and they have moved on with other projects.  As much as I try to focus on the positive and I love my contractors, I am beginning to get a little anxious.  So in some of this post you will sense my frustration with the process and how long it is taking.  But there are still things that have to be done before the final inspection.

The plumbers have got to hook up all the vanities, tubs, drains, kitchen sink, dishwasher and shower.  We ran into a snag when the tub was unpacked, it had a crack so it went back and we are waiting for its replacement which I hope will be in this week.  They worked last Saturday, but I had purchased 3 wrong faucets and had to return them and get new ones which I did immediately.  Tho they were able to get some of the other faucets and the water heater installed, they still need to finish.  Now I have the new faucets and am chomping at the bit to get done already.  They are supposed to be here on Monday.

Also the floor contractor has almost finished putting in all the carpet except the living room.  He has to also finish grouting the shower.  He will be here on Monday, also, and will be focusing on the living room carpet which is a floral design which will make matching seams a challenge.


Shower almost finished

Living room carpet, and this carpet will be used as the carpet runner
Living room carpet, and this carpet will be used as the carpet runner
The carpet used in the rest of the house.
The carpet used in the rest of the house.

S & K Mountain Construction and Hays Electric have been wonderful, but some of the subcontractors are being a little challenging.  There was obviously some miscommunication with reference to the stair parts that were supplied.  The staircase is very complicated and now a question with reference to whether the full stair will be supplied or whether there will be carpet put there instead.  I thought when you purchased stairs, that meant the complete riser and bull-nose step.  They are telling me that they understood that I was going to put a runner down the steps and only furnished the end caps and that the rest would be carpeted.  This is where the misunderstanding needs to be ironed out.  But first we have to have a meeting to go over this, and the supplier cancelled (or was a no-show) to the meeting that was scheduled last Wednesday.

The key being the runner.  The runner I had in mind was bound along the sides and went over the steps leaving about 6″ on each side exposed.  But nothing can be decided until we meet so that is going to be my focus beginning Monday.  I will let you know how it turns out.  Here is where we stand now.

Stair treads.  Note the flooring guy was told to put those tack strips down, but they will be coming up.
Stair treads. Note the flooring guy was told to put those tack strips down, but they will be coming up.

In the mean time, I worked for about 3 hours today staining the railings that I didn’t get to before it was assembled.  That takes more prep work than I like, but it has to be done, so there you go!  Tomorrow I hope to finish at least that project.

Other things that are going on is building a fence for the back yard so Kenzie can be secured safely.  That requires post holes being dug.  Lucky me I have a well-able-bodied-post-hole-digger, Steven.  It brings back memories of when he was a teen, and the never-ending post holes that he had to dig.  He almost has it down to an art form.  We are talking big post holes for railroad ties.  I believe he has 3 or 4 left to dig, then muscling the posts into the holes.  I think that will be a two person project.  Then the 4 rails to match the front pasture.

I will post more pictures of the claw-foot tub faucets and the post holes and fence as it progresses.

That all for now.

Annie, the project sub-manager & stair-fighter.