Posting on the 3rd day of vacation

Posting. That what I spent my day doing. Working on the test-post. Pictures will come tomorrow.

The morning started with a trip to Home Depot in Walla Walla for some Bondo. Got one can but bought some extra hardener because they never give you enough. Then we went to Sun Rental to pick up the boom lift that we are renting for a month. Secret, I plan on getting Lynn more involved in working on the house. New toys excite him. Unfortunately, it was too windy to get up in it today. Maybe tomorrow.

Back to the post. The Bondo worked really well. Even better than I remembered. All the holes and cracks were filled and sanded and filled and sanded again. I did move it to the back deck. Out of the wind but with good ventilation. I began working on it at 12:30 and finished just before 6:00. I have found that we will need a gallon of primer and the hardener to go with it.  Plus a bunch of 80 & 100 grit sand paper.  I am not a perfectionist, so it is not factory fresh, but is has character.  A few divots here and there, but looks mighty fine.  Used the palm sander a lot and then hand sanded the details.

It is primed and ready for the final coats tomorrow. That’s when my right brain gets to have some fun with the paint colors.  Still not sure what will look best.  We will be removing a bad post and replacing it with this new version.  Then I will be posting photos of the before and after. So excited.

Although, this project took a lot of time to do one post, it was a challenge.  Hopefully, it will get faster as we move along.

We have had a lot of wind today and at one point I thought we were going to get some rain, but the clouds just moved North.  The goal of this blog is to keep me enthused and get something accomplished before winter sets in.  My motivation comes from my journaling.    I would much rather be curled up with a romance novel or doing girlie things like sewing or cooking.  Those are my winter projects.  Now it’s time for some Excedrin and a hot shower.

I hope you are enjoying this journey with me.  I welcome any comments or encouragement.

Annie, the “posting queen”

One thought on “Posting on the 3rd day of vacation

  1. Diana mcCambridge

    Wow, what a vacation. Sounds like you got the Bondo thing down. Whenever I need help with something, I always go to YouTube, it’s amazing what you can learn there. Maybe it can help you if you get stuck on anything else. Keep building!

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